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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Wednesday 22nd, August 2007

The stylish, slimline Cyber-shot T Series from Sony gains a feature-packed new model that makes it easier than ever to grab great pictures. The Sony Cyber-shot T70 complements exquisite HD imaging quality with exciting innovations like the new ‘Smile Shutter’ mode for happy faces when you’re shooting family and friends as well as a clear, wide extra large touchscreen. The svelte Sony T70 makes a serious fashion statement with a choice of silver, black, white, and pink finishes. The Sony Cyber-shot T70 digital compact camera features the new Sony Cyber-shot “Smile Shutter” function, which enables the camera to automatically react to a smile - a first for digital photography.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H3

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Wednesday 22nd, August 2007

For sports, for travel or simply for having fun with friends and family - the new Sony Cyber-shot H3 from Sony packs big camera features into its ultra-compact body at a price that’s irresistible. The beautifully-styled Sony H3 is the smallest ever Cyber-shot featuring a Carl Zeiss 10x zoom lens (38-380mm equivalent; F3.5-4.4). The powerful optical zoom pulls distant subjects closer with superb clarity. Its wide range also broadens the scope of framing options for greater creative possibilities - from expansive landscapes and intimate portraits to dynamic nature shots and sporting scenes. Magnification is boosted further still by the 17x HD Smart Zoom (in 16:9 shooting mode) for powerful telephoto images.

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Sony Alpha DSLR prototypes

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Wednesday 14th, March 2007

At the PMA 2007 trade Show which was held between March 8th and 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Sony exhibited two prototypes of digital SLR camera bodies and interchangeable lenses currently under development. These products are planned to be launched in addition to the existing portfolio of the ‘α100’ camera body and the 21 interchangeable lenses including Carl Zeiss lenses and more than 45 pieces of accessories. “We need to further solidify our position in the digital SLR market. To do that, we must cater to varying degrees of customer requirements, and we are working on the second wave of products in order to expand the world of ‘α’,” said Toru Katsumoto, head of Sony’s AMC division.

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Sony Alpha SLR cameras

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Friday 9th, March 2007

I was just passing by the Sony booth and was looking at the collection of Sony Alpha lenses and cameras…. Wait a minute, did I say cameras? YES, Sony showcased two new Sony Alpha digital SLR cameras without giving away specifications or date of introduction. However I managed to get some information and of course I am free to speculate of course. Megapixels? I don't know and the Sony people made sure no one is mentioning anything about this to anyone. Ok, let me start with the first new Sony Alpha digital SLR camera; this new model is aimed at the high amateur looking for a higher level of performance than the A100 for advanced users. What does this mean? Beats me, but it sure looks promising!

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Sony Cybershot DSC-G1

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Thursday 8th, March 2007

The Cybershot DSC G1 model is Sony’s first digital camera with the ability to send photos wirelessly to other Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-enabled devices, such as another camera or a PC. “This is a step towards realizing a platform for networked photo communication,” said Phil Lubell, marketing director for digital cameras at Sony Electronics. “We will continue to explore the possibilities for networked digital imaging as broadband Internet becomes more pervasive in American homes.” The Sony Cybershot G1 features a 3.5-inch LCD screen with resolution of 921,000 pixels. Lubell said that’s 4x higher than the average compact digital camera and all previous Sony Cyber-shot models.

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Sony high picture quality CMOS sensor

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Wednesday 7th, March 2007

CMOS sensors are now used in cellular phones and other mobile devices, sales of these devices have been increasing rapidly. Furthermore, demand for CMOS sensors has been increasing in fields that require high-speed imaging functions, such as digital single-lens reflex cameras. While CMOS sensor advantages over CCD include lower power consumption and higher speed, their main strength is in the possibilities for system integration, since analog and digital circuits can be integrated. CMOS sensor can achieve high-speed characteristics that could not be achieved with CCD technology and can provide superb image quality that surpasses that of CCDs by taking advantage of these characteristics.

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Sony CompactFlash memory cards

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Wednesday 7th, March 2007

Sony Europe’s Recor-ding Media & Energy division announced the company’s entrance to the CompactFlash memory card market. The first product line-up, is designed to handle the speed and performance requirements of digital SLR cameras and is available with up to 4GB of storage capacity for the most demanding user. “High end digital camera enthusiasts, from consumers to professional photographers, have a huge and growing demand for storage capacity,” said Renaud Isnard from Sony Europe’s Network Media division. “With the addition of CompactFlash cards to its product range Sony widens the choice for users of D-SLR cameras, such as the new Sony α100 model, that are looking for fast and reliable recording memory.

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Sony Cybershot DSC-W200

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Friday 2nd, March 2007

Designed to make photo-viewing crystal clear, Sony announced the DSC W200 digital camera featuring a high-definition component output. This new Cyber-shot W-series camera offers direct connection to an HDTV, which is ideal for integrating full 1080 HD photo-viewing into a home theater. The Cybershot DSC-W200 camera stands at the top of its line and is the most compact 12-megapixel camera in the industry. The Sony W200 features a Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens; traditional, eye-level viewfinder; and a large, 2.5-inch LCD screen wrapped in a sleek metal body. The Sony Cybershot DSC-W200 digital camera will ship in May for about $400 in the color silver. Pre-orders begin on Feb. 28.

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The PMA show, or Photo Marketing Association, continues its yearly tradition of maintaining a network of photo imaging as well as the experience and know-how of the industry. The PMA represents 20,000 members from over 100 countries, who are all active within the imaging industry. As a reflection of the changes in the market, the PMA organization has also changed and has become more diverse. Nowadays, the member group consists of representatives coming from photo retail, manufacturers, commercial photo labs, professional sports and news photography, in addition to small album print suppliers and photo processing centers. The PMA 2012 Trade show focuses on an industry which is heavily affected by the unstable situation of the global financial economy. However, whether the latter will also stand in the way of the innovation and product introductions, remains to be revealed by the PMA International Convention & Trade Show in Anaheim Convention Center (California, US).