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Swifti Micro photo kiosk

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Thursday 8th, March 2007

KIS Photo-Me Group introduced the Swifti - a versatile new “plug-n-play” micro-kiosk that lets consumers turn image files from digital cameras, cell phones, CDs/DVDs and 28 different types of media cards immediately, on-site into customized, high-margin photo keepsakes that translate into new revenues and a quick return-on-investment for the retailer. The Swifti is on display at the Photo Marketing Association trade show, March 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in the KIS Photo-Me Group Booth, C232. It’s an excellent product for non-photo businesses - such as vacation hotels, college bookstores, amusement parks, campgrounds, nightclubs, shopping malls and conventions centers.

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Nikon Capture NX software update

Posted by: Mark Peters Monday 5th, March 2007

Nikon's Capture NX software will be updated and boast several new improvements, including full support for Intel-based Mac OS X computers. A demonstration of Capture NX, will be at Nikon's booth during the MacWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, January 9-12. Capture NX software is designed specifically for photographers, providing a unique and easy to understand interface with tools that photographers need, but without the level of complexity and clutter of other image editing applications. The software can be used with JPEG and TIFF format images from any source, and its patented new U Point technology offers photographers a dramatically simplified way to edit their pictures.

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Apple Aperture 1.5 review

Posted by: Mark Peters Thursday 22nd, February 2007

Apple manages to surprise the world quite regularly, whether it's with amazing computers and the iPod, or with software. Often, their competition just has to wait in fear and trembling to see what the designers in Cupertino have come up with next. In December 2005, every photographer had their eyes trained on Apple after they announced a new way of handling RAW files. Apple Aperture was born and set to compete directly with the lord and master in this area of photography software: Adobe. Not so much with Photoshop, but with Lightroom. Apple's main strength is that their software can use both the operating system and CORE. Of course, the disadvantage is that it can only be used with an Apple computer.

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For the digital work environment, software is highly important. The large volumes of digital pictures and videos should be stored, processed, and managed. Software is the binding link and is required to keep the large amount of data organized. The professional photographer has is already more accustomed to working with applied software. He uses editing programs like Photoshop, Aperture, Capture, etc to edit his RAW pictures, and he make use of archiving software in order to manage his videos and pictures. The amateur photographer does not seem to be ready for this. In-camera software is gradually becoming more popular, and storing data on a hard drive is the equivalent of an archive. Here's a great task for software manufacturers, to guide the novice photographer by means of user-friendly software, so that all those beautiful pictures and videos will still be accessible in the future. The PMA 2011 show provides an overview of various software solutions.