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Nikon D2Hs Digital SLR introduction
Nikon D2Hs Digital SLR | General
Nikon D2Hs introduction: Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of a high-speed professional digital SLR camera with high-precision and improved operation for action photography: the Nikon D2Hs. Since the launch of the Nikon D1-series and the successful introduction of the Nikon DX-format in 1999, Nikon has carried out extensive research into the needs of photographers on every field and every discipline. Linked to a precise analysis of reactions of Nikon users from all over the world, this research led to a range of technology innovations and design innovations for the Nikon DX-format, aimed at improving the system performance for the advanced photographer.

The Nikon D2Hs performs continuous shooting of 50 photos with 4.1 effective Megapixels at a speed of 8fps. Not only inherits this digital SLR all the good things from its predecessors, it also benefits from the new technologies and advances in the development of the recently announced Nikon D2X digital SLR for professional photographers. The impressive range of exclusive functions deliver speed, response, resolution and operation which makes the Nikon D2Hs an ideal camera for professional photographers and sports photographers.
Nikon D2Hs digital SLR
The improved precision of the digital processing in the ASIC delivers smooth nuances in gradual colour shades which is important on subjects like a blue sky with subtle tone gradations in the blue range.  The Nikon D2Hs supports the sYCC-dye sublimation, used by many new printers. This way a broader colour range can be reproduced when printing JPEG data than with conventional sRGB-dye sublimation.

The Nikon D2Hs uses a combination of image processing technology and 3D-colour matrix metering II, improved with new algorithms, originally designed for the Nikon D2X. This enables the possibility of capturing excellent action shots, richer in colour and detail and containing a more fluent tone range, to meet the needs of the photographer. A brief start-up time, a hardly noticeable interval of release of a mere 37 ms, and an improved implementation of the 11-point auto focus system, are some of the unequalled functions the Nikon D2Hs took over from its predecessor, the Nikon D2H. It all adds to the fact that the user can concentrate on photographing without spending too much time searching for the most suitable setting for the best possible result.

The improved large 2.5-inch LCD monitor delivers a high resolution of 232.000 pixels and a clear rendition without flickering from images and data. The histogram is also improved, offering the user quick, easy and precise control of the exposure from each colour channel, through the new RGB histograms. More play back functions are added, amongst them the international time zones and a chronological list of recent settings.

Being a part of Nikon's Total Imaging System, the Nikon D2Hs is compatible with the growing range of special DX Nikkor lenses for digital cameras as well as the high-quality Nikkor AF lenses. In combination with the SB-800 and SB-600 flash units, the Nikon D2Hs uses the utmost of the possibilities of Nikon's Creative Flash system with extremely precise flash functions, including i-TTL-flash control and support of the Nikon advanced wireless flash system.

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

The Nikon D2Hx digital reflex camera is compatible with the new IEEE802.11b/g wireless transmitter WT-2/2A, offering a faster image transfer with enhanced security and compatibility with the latest protocols. In addition, this transmitter offers the possibility  to wirelessly operate the D2Hs from a distance via a pc with Nikon Capture 4 version 4.2.1 (optional). Obviously the wireless transmitter WT-1/1A, originally developed for the D2H, can also be used. Another function taken over from the Nikon D2X is support of GPS-devices, which can be connected through the new optional Mc-35-cable and thus capture data like degree of longitude, degree of latitude and height at the time of capturing the image.

The Nikon D2Hs is delivered with PictureProject, an easy to use software program for managing, editing and sharing your image files. The Nikon D2Hs is also compatible with Nikon's own photo editing application, Nikon Capture 4, version 4.2.1 (optional), a handy feature for professional photographers. Nikon Capture 4 version 4.2.1 offers fast processing, improved image editing and various additional functions. The ergonomic design of the camera is based on a design of the renowned industrial designer Giorgetto GIUGIARO, exclusively developed for a new generation of Nikon digital cameras.

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

Main features of the Nikon D2Hs Digital SLR:

LBCAST image sensor with 4.1 effective Megapixels: Nikon's exclusive DX format JFET image sensor LBCAST (Lateral Buried Charge Accumulator and Sensing Transistor array) combines optimised resolution with high speed to deliver a high quality image and excellent performance.

Advanced new imaging processing system delivers high quality pictures: The new imaging processing system inherited developments made for the D2X to further improve image quality. The image quality improves through a larger quantity precision during data processing of the LBCAST sensor, thus delivering more subtle colour nuances with consistent and smooth colour gradations.

Fast continuous shooting of 8fps at a maximum of 50 successive captured pictures: The high speed of the LBCAST sensor and the image processing enable continuous shooting up to 50 JPEG images or 40 RAW (NEF) images successively captured with a speed of 8 frames per second. The higher speed of the buffer memory not only improves the recording speed but also the speed in which files are written on to the CompactFlash (CF) memory cards.

3D colour matrix metering II: Improvements of the light metering system offer high precision when metering the optimum exposure on the basis of the data delivered by the 1005 pixel RGB sensor for exposure/colour matrix metering, even when shooting in difficult light circumstances.

Accurate white balance: Advanced systems for automatic white balance (AWB) and automatic tone adjustment combine the benefits of three sensors (Nikon's 1005 pixel RGB sensor for exposure and colour matrix metering, the LBCAST image sensor and the sensor for surrounding light) in order to deal effectively with the most complicated light circumstances. The fully automatic white balance lets the user select a fixed white balance or directly set a colour temperature in Kelvin. Beside that white balance bracketing can be applied, which offers nine images of a single captured image.

Faster and more accurate 11-point AF system: Improved algorithm for auto focus and lens control add to a more accurate focus and enable finding and following subjects faster. Nikon's advanced Multi Cam2000 AF sensor module offers eleven spread AF sensors, inclusive nine cross sensors, a large detection range and a choice from four flexible operation settings. The Nikon D2Hs AF system's high precision and speed add to a faster continuous shooting. 

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

Fast wireless data transfer and camera control: The D2Hs is compatible with the original wireless transmitter WT-1/1A, which enhances the photographic possibilities, and the optional transmitter WT-2/2A, supporting IEEE802.11g for faster transfer as well as IEEE 802.IIb networks. The WT-2/2A also offers improved security options and supports more network protocols, including the new PTP/IP protocol which offers wireless camera operation through a pc containing Nikon Capture 4 (version 4.2.1 or higher).

sYCC-colour space support: sYCC-colour space support delivers JPEG files that use the applications of the newest colour printers to the utmost and use a larger colour range to reach an optimum print quality. Beside that the D2Hs features three additional colour settings optimised by the advanced colour reproduction system in order to meet the requirements of specific assignments and workflow environments. Colour settings I and III use the sRGB-colour room whereas colour setting II uses the Adobe RGB-colour space's larger colour range. 

Combined storage of JPEG- and RAW (NEF) files: A single image can be stored in RAW (NEF) format as well as in JPEG format on the CompactFlash memory card offering the D2Hs a guaranteed fluent workflow. JPEG files can be used when fast transfer is important while NEF format is more suitable for applications that require high quality that needs non-destructive editing and changing.

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

GPS-connectivity enhances application possibilities: The degree of longitude, degree of latitude, height and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) at the time of capturing the image can be stored by means of a GPS device in the metadata of a photo. GPS devices that comply with the interface standard NMEA 0183 (version 2.01) can be connected through an optional GPS cable (MC-35).

High resolution 2.5-inch LCD: The new, large 2.5-inch LCD monitor features a high resolution of 232,000 pixels and offers a digital interface reproducing images and data clearly without any flickering. Photos can be reviewed up to an enlargement of 15x, an improved histogram is available and using the new RGB histogram you can check the exposure quickly, easily and precisely for the red, green or bleu colour channel or for RGB.

New menus UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and Help enhance ease of use: The menu UTC offers the possibility to easily set the local time on a world map shown on the LCD monitor, a handy function for professional adventurers. Additional new functions are a chronological list with the latest settings and helpful dialogue windows in which menu settings are described. 

Immediate response and ultra short shutter lag of 37 ms: With its fast response, the Nikon D2Hs digital reflex camera is ready to shoot after activating it and with its 37 ms interval of release combined with various optimised functions, the camera offers maximum performance in every situation and a response so quick that it's even sufficient for demanding professional assignments. 

The body design aims at efficient operation, durability and water- and dust resistance: For a greater ease of use the Nikon D2s inherited the adjustments of operation elements and buttons of the D2X. The body design is optimised for efficient use, and is protected against the inconveniences of assignments and drops of water by combining the durable shutter, the reflex stabilizer and other internal mechanism.

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

Advanced Lithium-Ion battery offers more images per single charge: The powerful EN-EL4 rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is supported by adjusted algorithms for battery control and offers the Nikon D2Hs the power to capture approximately 2900 imager per single charge. The system status shows accurately and real-time the remaining battery power, the amount of pictures taken since the last charge, the overall status of the battery and messages about the eventually needed calibration.  

Useful interfaces: The USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) interface enables a fast transfer from images to a computer or  external storage medium. PictBridge support offers the possibility of printing photos directly on a PictBridge compatible printer. Not only pictures but also voice memos up to 60 seconds can be recorded and played back on external devices, through the delivered audio/video cable. Voice memos can also be played back through the built-in loudspeaker. 

Complete integration of Nikon's Creative Exposure system: The Nikon D2Hs works seamlessly with the Nikon SB-800 and SB-600 flash units and uses the advanced monitor pre flash of the i-TTL-flash control to the fullest, an accurate metering when flashing indirectly and a powerful wireless operation, so the possibilities of the Creative Exposure system is used to the full extend, with advanced wireless exposure, flash value lock, automatic fast FP-sync and passing on the information about the colour of flash light. The Nikon D2Hs is also compatible with the Nikon SB-80DX, SB-50DX and other previous flash units with D-TTL-flash control. 

Compatible with the enhanced assortment DX Nikkor- and AF Nikkor lenses: Nikon's F-lens mount ensures an unprecedented compatibility with the growing range of special DX Nikkor lenses for digital cameras and with Nikon's enhanced collection of over fifty different AF- and AF-S Nikkor lenses offering advanced technologies like VR (Vibration Reduction) and SWM (Silent Wave Motors) and ED glass elements. Professional photographers worldwide prefer Nikkor lenses with their excellent auto focus performance, superior colours, high contrast and crystal-sharp images, of which more than 35 million have been sold so far.

Delivered PictureProject software for a quick start: The Nikon PictureProject's  intuitive user's interface offers rapidly and easily access to basic functions for managing, editing and sharing images.

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

Some examples of functions are: automatic import of file, arrangement of photos by simply 'drag and put', design stencils, CD and DVD burning and support of plug-in filters to further enhance functionality (a RAW plug-in is delivered with the camera).

Nikon Capture 4 (version 4.2.1) to support a professional workflow: The optional software Nikon Capture 4 (version 4.2.1) is a unique powerful and extendable application which offers the professional photographer full control over the RAW (NEF) files and provides a workflow environment with colour management.

Nikon D2Hs digital SLR

Version 4.2.1 contains excellent new functions which further enhances productivity and creative possibilities, while additionally increasing the speed of data processing. The Nikon Capture 4's Remote Camera Control function delivers remote control of almost all record settings and enables operating the release button of the camera when it's connected on the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed or the optional wireless transmitter WT-2/2A. (Wireless camera operation through PTP/IP requires Windows XP or Mac OS X). We are very curious to see the test results of this product. And we'll make sure to keep you informed as soon as the first Nikon D2Hx digital camera review is published.