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Canon Pixma iP90v Photo Printer

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Thursday 22nd, February 2007

Whatís smaller than a breadbox, lighter than laptops, and fits easily in most carry-on bags? Itís none other than the new portable Pixma iP90v Photo Printer. The Pixma iP90v Photo Printer delivers high print quality, speed, and innovative features that are a necessity for mobile business professional and home consumer. Building on the success of the Pixma iP90 Photo Printer, the Pixma iP90v Photo Printer will continue to offer compatible features such as wireless printing and even a new software program called Easy-LayoutPrint. With a sleek and stylish body that is small enough to be transported in many of todayís laptop bags, the Pixma iP90v Photo Printer will be available for an retail price of $249.99.

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Printers continue to play an important role regarding digital images. The commonly heard statement that "a picture is only a picture, when it is printed', does not apply to everyone. Large groups of photographers check and share a picture only on a screen. The digital photo frames are a good example of a competitive product to traditional printers. However, the printer manufacturers also continue their quest and try to quickly integrate technological innovations, which are first applied to large format printers, into entry-level printers. Inkjet and laser printers are available in various types for consumers or middle- and small business. The so-called Large Format printers are used in the professional photo segment. A wide range of printers is found on the PMA 2011 show floor, from photo printers and Multi-functionals to A1 printers.