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Stay tuned with DIWA Awards RSS Feeder: DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association) Awards is an international organisation of digital imaging websites, continuously publishing new product tests and reviews. Now, you can easily tune in to these reviews at the moment they appear on the DIWA Awards portal website. It’s an easy and free service to any digital imaging enthusiast.

The DIWA Awards website is a portal to some of the world’s most reliable and trustworthy tests and reviews on digital cameras. Now, a new feature is added to the DIWA Awards website, the RSS feeder. This handy feature is available via a free downloadable program, called the RSS Reader. It collects news in the background at user configurable intervals and warns with a little popup in the system tray as soon as a new story is published. You then click on the message to read the new DIWA review. It’s easy, it’s free and very useful.

DIWA Awards News feeder Install instructions:
DIWA Awards - Download Feedreader and Install
DIWA Awards - Add New feed
Add New feed - new display pop-up's
DIWA Awards - Enter the URL
DIWA Awards - Name: DIWA awards Digital Camera Reviews
Automatically generated name:  DIWA awards Digital Camera Reviews
DIWA Awards - DIWA Awards feedreader installed
DIWA Awards feedreader installed
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Latest DIWA reviews automatically updated!
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