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Sony bloggie cameras

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Saturday 30th, January 2010

Itís all about capturing the moment. And itís the spirit of fun, spontaneous still and video shooting and sharing that comes alive with the launch of bloggie - a fresh concept in style-conscious, premium quality Mobile HD snap cameras by Sony. The bloggie name makes its European debut with two funky models. Both Sony bloggie cameras make it brilliantly easy to grab crisp photos and video clips for quick, hassle-free sharing on the web. Slipping effortlessly into a pocket or bag, the Sony bloggie MHS-PM5 and MHS-CM5 are perfect partners for parties, days out or trips away when you donít want to miss the action.

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Blu-Ray camcorders from Hitachi

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Monday 6th, August 2007

With the introduction of not just one, but two versions of the worldís first Blu-ray disc camcorder, Hitachi continues its long-standing tradition of being first to market with landscape-changing consumer electronics products. The new Hitachi DZ-BD70A Blu-Ray camcorder is a single drive camcorder that can record approximately one hour of FullHD 1920x1080 high definition video on an 8cm single-sided Blu-ray disc (BD-R and BD-RE). Lifelike image reproduction and rich, immersive color are a result of Hitachiís 5.3 mega pixel CMOS image sensor and HD quality 12-element lens system. Both Blu-Ray camcorders come with an Interactive Guide built-in so that people who have never used a camcorder can quickly begin.

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Sony HDR-UX7E camcorder

Posted by: Mark Peters Friday 2nd, March 2007

Capture your life in picture-perfect High Definition with the new AVCHD Sony HDR-UX7E DVD Handycam. Significantly lighter and smaller than previous models, the new Sony UX7E brings your experiences to life with groundbreaking HD quality, day or night. The AVCHD DVD format stores true High Definition pictures on readily-available 8cm DVD discs. DVD+R DL (Dual Layer) technology allows both models to capture almost an hourís worth of HD pictures and sound (LP mode). Thereís an increasing range of replay options to share and enjoy footage captured with your AVCHD DVD Handycam. Shots can be enjoyed on any HD-ready television set via a connected AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray player including new PlayStation3.

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Canon HV20 HD camcorder

Posted by: Mark Peters Wednesday 21st, February 2007

Canon extends its leadership role in the creation of feature rich, high-quality, HD camcorders for consumers with the introduction of the Canon HV20 HD Camcorder. With its proud professional pedigree plain to see, the HV20 HD Camcorder draws on decades of Canonís proven excellence in optics and technological innovation, incorporating professional level HD video features in a handy, horizontal-style, user-friendly design. The Canon HV20 HD Camcorder kit includes a compact power adapter, a wireless remote control, the new, and energy efficient BP-2L13 battery pack, a stereo video cable, a USB cable and a component video cable. In stores in April, the HV20 HD Camcorder carries an estimated price of $1099.

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Although the CES in Las Vegas is still the designated show for camcorders, there is certainly also room for digital camcorders at the PMA 2011 show. In addition to a digital camera portfolio, manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have also included products such as HD (High Definition) camcorders in their assortment. The video camcorder market is undergoing major changes. Demand for new compact camcorders with HF and Full HD functionality has increased vastly now that flash memory is used broadly to serve as a standard storage medium. New designs with ultra-low weight allow you to take the camcorder along every day. The daily new video uploads on YouTube prove the success of the camcorder. A successful camcorder manufacturer will adapt his camcorders according to the demand of modern times. The PMA 2011 International Convention and Trade Show, reveals what to expect in the upcoming season.