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Ultra-compact Samsung camcorder

Dennis Hissink
PMA 2018 Report
Sunday 21st, February 2010
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

PMA 2010 News - Samsung Electronics extends its family of ultra-compact camcorders with the introduction of the new Samsung HMX-U15. Building on the success of the Samsung HMX-U10, the new HMX-U15 camcorder brings new features and functionality to Samsung’s ultra-compact camcorder family, such as a built-in USB connection, which now makes it easier than ever to not only record, but share full HD video with others. Adding even more, the new Samsung U15 now puts a true 3x optical zoom in the palm of consumers’ hands, allowing for additional creativity when recording life’s special memories. The Samsung HMX-U15 camcorder will be on display during PMA 2010, February 21-23, in the Anaheim Convention Center.

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Ultra-compact Samsung camcorder

HP touchscreen camcorder

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Saturday 20th, February 2010

PMA Show - The HP V5061u is a 1080p high definition digital camcorder with a large 3” touchscreen LCD display for easy navigation and viewing of your recordings. It features two SD card slots and dual power sources allowing you to capture more videos and enjoy battery power flexibility. Featuring 1080p high definition recording, the HP V5061u touchscreen camcorder allows you to record videos at up to 1440x1080 resolution. Now you can capture videos of your life’s moments in sharp details and in vivid colors. The HP V5061u provides you with the flexibility of using AA batteries whenever the rechargeable battery runs out of power. You can now record your life moments with 2x AA batteries whenever you forget to recharge your battery.

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Panasonic SDXC camcorders

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 31st, January 2010

Panasonic introduces three additions to its 2010 standard definition camcorder lineup - the Panasonic SDR-H85, SDR-T50 & SDR-S50, designed to be portable, durable and high-performing. These camcorders may small in size, but they have impressive features: a 33mm wide-angle and a long, powerful 78x ultra zoom - giving them remarkable range for capturing video both far and wide. Panasonic’s new camcorder models are packed with enhanced features to help make shooting quality video easy, including the new Active mode for the Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), helping to suppress blur even if the user is moving and when the powerful zooms are extended.

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Canon HD camcorders

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Sunday 31st, January 2010

Canon announce an exciting new line of nine VIXIA High Definition flash memory camcorders. The 2010 high-definition line-up includes Canon's flagship VIXIA HF S-series, the compact VIXIA HF M-series and a new entry-level VIXIA HF R-series. Some new features enhancing Canon's 2010 lineup include a new Touch Panel LCD with an advanced tracking feature helping keep any subject - such as people, pets, or cars - in focus and properly exposed, even in a busy scene. Canon's new VIXIA camcorder line-up also includes an enhancement to its image stabilization system and an all-new HD-to-SD Downconversion feature allowing video to be easily uploaded to the web or burned onto DVDs.

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3D Camcorder

Posted by: Mark Peters Sunday 31st, January 2010

Panasonic releases the world’s first professional full HD 3D camcorder in Fall 2010. The company will begin taking orders in April. Current 3D systems are large-scale setups in which two cameras are fitted to a rig in parallel, or vertically intersect across a half-mirror. Separate recorders are also required. In Panasonic’s new Full HD 3D camcorder, the lenses, camera head, and a dual Memory Card recorder are integrated into a single, lightweight body. The Panasonic camcorder also incorporates stereoscopic adjustment controls making it easier to use and operate.

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Kodak camcorder

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Saturday 30th, January 2010

Kodak introduces the new Kodak Playsport camcorder, a rugged, durable and pocket-size HD camcorder with an appetite for adventure. The Kodak Playsport camcorder is specifically designed for consumers with active lifestyles, allowing them to capture full 1080p HD video - even underwater - with the touch of a button. The Kodak Playsport camcorder is waterproof up to 10 feet and features built-in software and USB cable output so users can edit and easily share with family and friends through sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The Kodak Playsport also features electronic image stabilization and Kodak Imaging Science for sharper videos with vibrant colors and less blur.

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JVC Hybrid Camera

Posted by: Mark Peters Thursday 5th, March 2009

JVC announced a new dual-use camera that shoots high definition video and high resolution digital still images. The new hybrid Everio GZ-X900, or Everio X, is a small, light, all-in-one camera that offers the powerful shooting combination of Full HD video and nine -megapixel still photos, plus creative shooting functions such as slow motion video and high speed “motor drive” still photography. Small enough to easily slip into a pocket or purse, Everio X Hybrid Camera weighs just 0.66 pounds (including the internal battery and a memory card) and measures 2.6 inches tall, 4.88 inches long and just 1.46 inches wide.

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JVC Everio camcorders

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Thursday 5th, March 2009

The 2009 line of JVC Everio camcorders offers innovations in video sharing, dual storage memory models and hi-def camcorders no larger than their diminutive standard definition counterparts. For 2009, what the JVC Everio camcorder line offers is choice - in storage medium, color and sharing. The new JVC camcorders includes hard disk drive (HDD) models, memory camcorders, and for the first time dual memory camcorder models, including standard and high definition dual SD memory card camcorders, the world’s first dual card slot models. There’s also a standard definition camcorder that combines SD card recording with internal flash memory.

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Although the CES in Las Vegas is still the designated show for camcorders, there is certainly also room for digital camcorders at the PMA 2011 show. In addition to a digital camera portfolio, manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have also included products such as HD (High Definition) camcorders in their assortment. The video camcorder market is undergoing major changes. Demand for new compact camcorders with HF and Full HD functionality has increased vastly now that flash memory is used broadly to serve as a standard storage medium. New designs with ultra-low weight allow you to take the camcorder along every day. The daily new video uploads on YouTube prove the success of the camcorder. A successful camcorder manufacturer will adapt his camcorders according to the demand of modern times. The PMA 2011 International Convention and Trade Show, reveals what to expect in the upcoming season.