PMA 2006 Photo Printers
Updated: Wednesday 01st March 2006 - 13:00 CET
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Photo Marketing Associtiation International
We welcome you to our PMA 2006 report. The PMA event is organized by Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI), a trade association of photo imaging retailers and processors worldwide. The PMA is one of the major photo shows that offers the digital imaging industry the opportunity to announce and showcase their latest introductions, innovations and future technologies . The PMA 2006 is simply the place to be for those involved in the photo-imaging industry and those who are interested, either professionally or hobby-wise, in the latest news from the show floor. Major brands like Canon, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic and others are all there to claim their market share with their new spring series of digital imaging products. Our team is covering the 2006 PMA live from the show floor to share the latest news directly with you!
PMA 2006 news headlines
LetsGoDigital Imaging Headlines  [PMA 2006]
01 Mar - HP Photosmart Pro B9180  [Interview]
28 Feb - HP Photosmart Pro B9180 photo printer
18 Feb - Kodak Retail Photo printing System
15 Feb - Panasonic KX-PX1
15 Feb - Panasonic KX-PX10
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At PMA 2006 we met Marvin Gross, and Nancy Pilcher, both product managers of HP. We took some time to set up a Q&A session at the booth from HP, and asked them all about their latest pro photo printer, the HP Photosmart B9180.
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