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Updated: Saturday 18th February 2006 - 12:00 CET
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Kodak retail photo printing system
Eastman Kodak Company, world's foremost imaging innovator, today reaffirmed its commitment to providing high-quality, innovative products to help retailers succeed in today's changing marketplace. According to the most recent Photo Marketing Association (PMA) reports, total digital camera images for 2005 are estimated at 17 billion, with 22 billion projected for 2006 and 26 billion for 2007. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the industry to help consumers capture, share, archive and print these images. And as Kodak continues to deliver innovative solutions for digital printing, retailers can profit from a plethora of opportunities.
Kodak digital picture system 900 - Kodak's newest retail printing solution, the Kodak Digital Picture System 900 (DPS 900), is a unique system giving retailers an affordable way to offer onsite printing of both film and digital media, thereby tapping into the rapidly expanding digital market while also retaining important revenue from film customers as the market transitions. The DPS 900 builds on the proven technology in Kodak's award-winning Picture Kiosk family, the most widely used digital printing kiosk at retail today, with nearly 75,000 units installed worldwide.
Kodak Picture Kiosk
Kodak Picture kiosk G4 platform - Combining Kodak's powerful Picture Kiosk G4 platform and award-winning Kodak 6850 and 8800 thermal photo printers with a 35 mm film scanner, the Kodak DPS 900 provides a total photo solution for retailers of virtually any size. Compared with a digital mini-lab, the Kodak Digital Picture System 900 has a significantly lower total cost of operation, including lower capital investment and labor costs. Additionally, it is much easier to operate and maintain, and offers modularity and flexibility to allow far more options for the retailer, including the ability to create unique, high margin products. As film volumes decline, the Kodak DPS 900 is an ideal printing solution for digital prints too.
DPS 900 - Kodak Perfect Touch Technology - Consumers also benefit from the outstanding image quality and durability of prints made with the DPS 900. Enabled with Kodak Perfect Touch Technology, this system enhances each image to reveal more vibrant colors, richer detail and fewer dark shadows, and thanks to the quality of Kodak's high-speed thermal printers, prints are wipeable, waterproof, stain-resistant and last a lifetime under typical home display conditions. The Kodak DPS 900 will be available beginning in May in USA and Canada.
Kodak Picture System 900 - Fast photo printing - "The DPS 900 brings ease and speed for printing digital and film media at retail, without the huge investment of a mini lab," said Phil Faraci, President, Consumer Digital Imaging Group and Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. "This new solution fills an important niche for retailers who want to tap into the rapidly expanding digital marketplace while retaining important revenue from film customers as the market continues to transition. This affordable full-service photo solution offers the benefits of increased volume and additional revenue for retailers while providing a high-quality printing solution for consumers."
Kodak EasyShare digital cameras - Building upon the tremendous success of its award-winning line of Kodak EasyShare digital cameras, Kodak announces four new digital cameras offering a variety of features and benefits to meet the divergent needs of today's consumers. Leading the announcement is the Kodak EasyShare V603 model (6.1 MP, 3x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD), a compact digital camera that is the perfect combination of style, performance and simplicity that can slide into almost any pocket.
Kodak EasyShare cameras - Entry-level models - For those who prefer to get closer to the action, the Kodak EasyShare Z612 zoom digital camera (6 MP, 12x optical zoom with image stabilization, 2.5-inch LCD) helps everyday picture takers get closer, better, more creative shots. For entry-level enthusiasts who want high-quality images, the affordable Kodak EasyShare C643 (6.1 MP, 3x optical zoom, 2.4-inch LCD) and Kodak EasyShare C533 zoom digital cameras (5 MP, 3x optical zoom, 1.8-inch LCD) are great options.
Innovations for professional photographers - Labs and consumers - Kodak is also introducing innovative new traditional film and paper products for professionals and consumers. "Actions speak louder than words," said Mary Jane Hellyar, president of Film & Photofinishing Systems and Senior Vice President, Kodak. "The innovations we are introducing underscore our commitment to serving our customers with the best in films, papers and services." Underscoring its commitment to the professional market, Kodak announced improvements across its industry-leading professional output product portfolio.
New Kodak imaging products - Designed to increase efficiency for professionals and bolster quality for the end consumer, these improvements are the result of Kodak's continued investment in imaging technology research. New products include Kodak Professional Digital Print Production Software DP2 and DP1, Kodak Ultra Endura Paper, Kodak Ektacolor Digital Developer Replenisher RT, Kodak Ektacolor SM Processing Unit P1, Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper Rolls, Kodak Proshots and Studio Suite software, Kodak's Pro Photographer Locator website and Digital SHO, GEM and ROC photo software plug-ins.
Kodak professional Porta 800 film - Fulfilling the company's commitment to the millions of people around the world who still shoot and enjoy film, Kodak announced numerous improvements across its venerable film product portfolio. These performance enhancements and new benefits are designed to elevate the consumer and professional photography experience, helping people get the best possible results from their film photography experience. Announcements include a new emulsion for 800-Speed Film, improved Kodak Professional Porta 800 Film, increased post-processing antistatic protection for professional and consumer 35 mm capture films and simplified consumer film brands, graphics and packaging.
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