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Updated: Thursday 26th January 2006 - 06:00 CET
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Olympus Mju 700 Digital Camera
Parties, concerts - the excitement of the night. And the pictures? When it comes to night time and low light shooting, the results sometimes just don't seem to really measure up. Not so with the 7.1 million pixel Mju 700. Incorporating BrightCapture Technology, the necessity to use a flash is significantly reduced. This assures that the unique atmosphere of night time motifs is faithfully captured to let the memories live on forever. The innovative technology simplifies framing on the large 6.4cm LCD too by providing a live view that's four times brighter than on conventional models. Meanwhile, a host of advanced shooting features boosts image quality - no matter if shooting day or night.
Olympus Mju 700 Digital Camera
Mju 700 - Stylish & Waterproof camera - Naturally, as part of the Olympus Mju family, the Mju 700 makes a lasting impression wherever it is taken. Its slim and compact weatherproof (equivalent to the IEC standard publication 529 IPX4) metal body radiates style, and with the wide choice of available colours - Moonlight Silver, Sunset Orange, Midnight Black and Twilight Blue - the stylish camera design will catch the eye all the more easily.
Olympus Mju 700 - High resolution - Its elegantly sculptured, weatherproof exterior is an unmistakable statement of style. But the metal-bodied Olympus Mju 700 also cuts a great figure in terms of its performance attributes. A resolution of 7.1 million pixels guarantees that image definition is razor-sharp. Its bright 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 37-111mm on a 35mm camera) is comprised of high-quality elements. Of course, thanks to the generous 6.4cm LCD, subjects not only can be easily located on the screen for trouble-free image capture, the results may later be shown off even to large groups of friends.
Olympus Mju700 camera - BrightCapture Technology - The Olympus 700 offers BrightCapture Technology, which enhances all facets of shooting in situations of low light. And let's face it, in most cases - the fun really does start at night. The innovative technology takes the guesswork out of framing. Instead of trying your luck to capture vague silhouettes as they float around on the screen, the live view on the high-contrast LCD is around 4x brighter than on normal models. In this way, friends previously hidden in the darkness of the club or bar reappear on the LCD. Night time framing is therefore no longer the hit-and-miss affair it used to be.
Olympus 700 digital camera - ISO sensitivity - Shooting performance is also improved, with special scene modes providing enhanced capabilities. For starters, to make the best use of ambient light, the Mju 700 features an ISO range covering the spectrum from ISO 64 to 1600. In 3MP mode this even extends to ISO 2500, returning great low light pictures that are free of image noise. With such high sensitivity, the flash working range is effectively doubled. Further scene modes, including Night Scene, which stretches maximum shutter speed to four seconds, augment operation in all low light situations and guarantee the unique atmosphere of the night is realistically recorded.
Olympus Mju-700 - Scene modes - Of course it's not just in darkness that the Olympus Mju 700 convinces with exceptional usability and results. In just about every situation - night or day, rain or shine - this weatherproof model has what it takes. 23 scene modes (incl. Candle, Landscape, Beach&Snow) plus Programmed Auto ensure camera settings always match the conditions perfectly. And combined with either the outdoor (CWPC-02) or underwater case (PT-032) - optionally available from spring 2006 - this model also provides special shooting modes for users to discover the excitement and fascinating beauty of underwater photography in up to 3m and 40m depth, respectively.
Olympus Mju 700 Camera
Olympus Mju 700 camera - Guide Function & Video Function - While intuitive operation is a basic principle of Mju design, this model also incorporates a Guide Function that explains different camera functions and menu options directly on the LCD - thereby considerably reducing the need to consult the manual. And ensuring that shooting can keep going and going, this model is equipped with a new, high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery (LI-42B). Adding to the versatility of the Olympus 700, a movie recording function with sound is included. Video sequences are captured in high-quality VGA (640x480) resolution, with maximum recording time only limited by the amount of available memory.
Mju 700 memory - Olympus xD-Picture Card - On top of the internal memory, an xD-Picture Card slot lets photographers choose the individual storage capacity they require. In addition to a Panorama function, the latest high-speed Olympus xD-Picture Cards now offer data transfer rates 2-3 times faster than previous cards. Various art and 3D functions can also be applied to images recorded on these cards - via the Olympus Master 1.4 software, included with the camera - to add a new dimension to compositions.
Olympus Mju700 camera - PictBridge compatible - Compatibility with the PictBridge standard means home printing is a breeze - even without a PC. Using the Olympus P-11 dye-sublimation printer, for example, the stunningly atmospheric low light photos just shot at the raging party can be printed out in 10x15cm format within just 33 seconds and then passed around for all the guests to enjoy immediately!
Olympus 700 for Night time & Low light shooting conditions - Employing BrightCapture Technology to enable better photography in low light, the 7.1 million pixel Olympus Mju700 is the ideal choice for all wanting great results when capturing the thrills of the night. And with its cool design matched with a range of fresh colours (Moonlight Silver, Sunset Orange, Midnight Black and Twilight Blue), this weatherproof, metal-bodied model makes a real statement. The Olympus Mju 700 will be available from spring 2006.
Olympus Mju 700 Features:
- 7.1 million pixels
- Weatherproof metal body
- Available in four colours: Moonlight Silver, Sunset Orange, Midnight Black and Twilight Blue
- BrightCapture Technology for better low light photography
- 6.4cm/2.5" LCD
- 3x zoom lens (equiv. to 37-111mm in 35mm format), 1:3.4-5.7
- 23 scene modes (incl. Candle, Night Scene, Beach&Snow) plus Programme Auto mode
- Movie function with sound. Recording up to memory capacity
- Macro and Super Macro mode for shooting from as little as 8cm
- Editing functions : e.g. red-eye-fix, adjust brightness, insert frame and/or title
- PictBridge compatible
- Internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot for new high-speed cards
- Multi-language menu plus possibility to download further languages from the internet
- Supplied with Olympus Master Software 1.4 and LI-42B rechargeable battery
- Optional Underwater/Outdoor Cases (PT-032/CWPC-02) will be available from sping 2006
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