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PMA 2005 | Pretec 133x Secure Digital Card

Pretec announces 133X Secure Digital Card: Pretec Electronics Corp., the leading company offering flash memory cards since 1993 is announcing today their 133X Secure Digital Card (SD Card) with capacities of 256MB, 512MB and 1GB at PMA in Orlando. Endowed with more than 2 times the access speed of current high speed SD 60X (9MB/sec), Pretec Secure Digital Card 133X is now running at close to 20MB/sec allowing for a demanding new generation higher-resolution and higher-speed digital cameras and growing multimedia appliances. Implementing high speed flash algorithm controller design and "Dual Channel" technology, Pretec Secure Digital 133X offers a 16-bit bus architecture for data transfer at an accelerated rate. Employing the same technology, Pretec has created and demonstrated last month at CES ( Las Vegas ) iDisk Tiny 166X; the smallest and highest speed flash memory card in the world, using USB interface.

Pretec 133X Secure Digital is constructed with precision mechanics offering the most reliable and secure features which provide superior durability, water resistance, anti-vibration, high pressure resistance, and provides the ultimate level of data protection to prevent user's crucial data from being damaged or lost during device power failure.

With available speed close to 20MB/sec: Pretec 1GB 133X Secure Digital Card can transfer 1GB of 5MP high resolution digital images in under one minute. Stored in a postage stamp-sized Secure Digital Card, Pretec SD 133X is the optimal choice for digital cameras and other handheld devices. Pretec Secure Digital Card 133X's mass production is scheduled at Q2/2005.

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