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PMA 2005 | PhotoChannel Launches WiFi Mobile Printing
PhotoChannel Launches WiFi Mobile Printing : PhotoChannel Networks Inc, the global leader in digital imaging network technology, has launched PhotoChannel WiFi Mobile Printing. This new WiFi printing solution allows retailers to receive digital photo orders transmitted from any WiFi-enabled wireless device, including notebook computers, PDAs, camera phones and WiFi digital cameras.

"The emergence of multifunction portable devices has us very excited
about this new revenue driver," said Bart Copeland, President and CEO of PhotoChannel. "As more camera and portable device makers solve discovery related problems this solution will put our retailers in a prime position to easily offer digital printing directly from WiFi enabled devices. Just as the PhotoChannel Network online printing solution makes every PC an order station for the retailer, our new WiFi Mobile Printing solution will also make any WiFi device an order station."
PhotoChannel Launches WiFi Mobile Printing
PhotoChannel's WiFi Mobile Printing technology is designed for any WiFi device to automatically discover, authenticate and transmit photos directly to PhotoChannel Network photofinishing retailers for printing. The system offers proximity sensing technology that when used in conjunction with third party Hotspots, can identify the closest retailer available for printing. WiFi Mobile Printing will operate via WiFi Internet connections installed at PhotoChannel retailers. By "piggybacking" on the same High Speed data line used for delivering in-store printing orders, the first WiFi Mobile Printing location went live last week at a major PhotoChannel retailer.

"Mobility solutions are a part of the main focus of PhotoChannel right now," said Aaron Rallo, PhotoChannel Chief Technology Officer. "The market is ready for proximity sensing photo applications and by combining this technology with our carrier products and vast print network, we intend to dominate in this area. Everything we deploy in the mobile product space makes it easier for the customer to access PhotoChannel Network retailers and order digital prints."

PhotoChannel will showcase the PhotoChannel WiFi Mobile Printing "Mobile Kiosk" for the first time at the Photo Marketing Association PMA 2005 Annual Convention, February 20 through 23, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

About PhotoChannel: Founded in 1995, PhotoChannel has created and manages the open standard PhotoChannel Network environment. The PhotoChannel system is currently utilized by major photofinishing retailers and wireless carriers to provide their consumers with online image printing and picture messaging services. There are more than 7,800 retail locations worldwide accepting print orders from the PhotoChannel system.
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