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PMA 2005 | Pantech PH-L4000V mobile video phone
Pantech PH-L4000V Mobile Video Phone :  Pantech & Curitel will introduce the camcorder-like PH-L4000V mobile phone this February. Powered with a 2.1 million pixel camera, flash and optical zoom, the product can record camcorder-quality pictures and video clips. The unique design has eared the company an iF Design Award, the biggest design award in Europe.

SK Teletech, meanwhile, will release the new IM-8100 that can be hooked up to printers through PictBridge. Users no longer have to download images to their PCs to develop photos if they have printers with a PictBridge logo on it. The product is also silver-nano-coated - a favorite this year.

About Pantech: A respected company is one that maintains the highest operational standards in management, technology, human resources, corporate culture and organization, while at the same time earning total client recognition and promoting model corporate values.
PH-L4000 mobile video phone
To earn its own solid reputation for respected excellence in all facets of operation, Pantech strives to maintain a leading position in terms of technology, research personnel, and managerial operations. The company also thrives on corporate unity, a spirit of challenge, and never-ending creativity and innovation among personnel. By creating ever new, exciting products and services that offer clients and consumers the finest, Pantech maximizes client satisfaction, and, as a result, earns respect for excellence in all areas of operations both at home and abroad. And by actualizing our corporate values of respect for all actualization of full human potential, we look forward to a greater global reputation for all-around excellence.

About Curitel:
Curitel does not develop new technology just for the technology itself. Rather, it pursues technology to enable people to lead better and happier lives. Promoting convenience thought the exploitation of Curitel.

With such a mission in mind, we at Curitel formulates a long-term strategy of growing into one of the worlds leading technology firms. We will focus on investing in R&D activating to garner unsurpassed core technologies and quality, and implement advanced management systems to foster core competencies and marketing capabilities.

Curitel is fully aware of the significance of corporate responsibility to the community. We are committed to such worthy social programs as scholarships, donations for adolescent bread-earners and children who skip lunch in schools, as well as other funding initiatives led by various social welfare organizations such as the Hanuri Reading Campaign Center for Promotion of Reading. We also sponsor the Pantech Science Journalist Award for raising the awareness of basic science among the general public.
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