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PMA 2005 | HP Designjet 4000
HP Designjet 4000 Printer, featuring the HP's Double Swath Technology for high productivity technical and design printing, has been launched by HP.

Supports high speed color and black & white printing for large format sizes up to 42" : HP today announced the launch of the new HP Designjet 4000 Printer series, extending the HP Designjet portfolio of office and technical printers. The HP Designjet 4000 Printer series is designed to meet the needs of the architecture, engineering, construction, MCAD and GIS markets which require accurate lines, professional image quality and fast, unattended printing. New technology within the writing system allows the printer to double the print speeds of both color and monochrome documents when compared with current HP large format printers1. The new printer delivers fast printouts in D size in 25 seconds2 and can complete a print job of 100 D size formats within one hour3. Applications include fine drawings, graphics, maps, renderings, and presentations.
HP Designjet 4000
New Technology Behind the Double Speed : HP Double Swath technology doubles the number of nozzles by placing the printheads in a staggered formation. This allows the printer to extend the actual print path, resulting in much faster print speeds and an ideal solution to meet tight deadline print delivery.

"The HP Designjet 4000 is a technological breakthrough in speed, color and printer management. We understand the technical markets and have designed our new printer to meet the needs of these users," said Enrique Lores, Vice President & General Manager, HP InkJet Commercial Division (ICD).

High Image Quality : As a result of enhancements to the writing system and HP professional color technologies, the HP Designjet 4000 Printer series offers high quality printouts with predictable colors. The printer provides a high resolution up to 2400 dpi and up to +/- 0.1 percent line accuracy, optimal for users who need precise designs, plans and line drawings. To achieve excellent color consistency and screen-to-print consistency, the printer employs HP Professional Color technologies, including Closed Loop Color (CLC), Pantone calibration, offset emulation, HP CMYK Plus, K Point compensation, sRGB, AdobeRGB, and TIFF and JPEG with embedded ICC profiles.

Printing is very important to AutoCAD customers and the HP Designjet 4000 provides seamless printing from AutoCAD, as well as from many other AutoDesk applications, with printer drivers that are created specifically for our users," said Shawn Gilmour, AutoCAD Product Line Manager, AutoDesk Inc. "This is an example of the value that comes from the strategic alliance between HP and AutoDesk to bring products to market that generate consistent, high quality output every day."
HP Designjet 4000 HP Designjet 4000
Remote Printer Management and Fast Embedded Processors Further Enhance Productivity : The HP Designjet 4000 Printer series provides lower running cost and easy remote print management capabilities. A faster processing speed significantly improves performance and eliminates wasted time for the print job to be completed. Unattended printing is enabled with remote job preview together with printer status and alerts that provide information on supplies levels. The new HP 90 ink cartridges have been designed to work specifically with the HP Designjet 4000. The HP 90 ink cartridges are available in three different colors and black: C,M,Y in 225 ml ink cartridges and C,M,Y,K in 400 ml, ink cartridges. To reduce printing costs, a Value Pack option includes one printhead and cleaner together with one 400ml ink cartridge, and there is a Multi Pack option, which contains three 400 ml ink cartridges of the same color. The Designjet 4000, HP 90 ink cartridge and HP large format media are all designed to work together as part of the complete HP printing system.

Price and Availability
The HP Designjet 4000 series printers are available in February 2005 for the following estimated U.S. street prices:
- HP Designjet 4000: $9,995
- HP Designjet 4000ps: $12,495
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