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PMA 2005 | ATP 128MB, 256MB Dual Voltage RS-MMC

ATP announces 128 and 256MB Dual Voltage RS-MMC Flash Cards: Providing Much Needed Memory Storage Upgrade Capability on New Mobile Phones. Such as the Nokia 6630, 6670, and the upcoming 6680, 6681, 6682 models. ATP Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital flash media products, today announced that it is in mass production of high capacity dual voltage RS-MMC (DV RS-MMC). The dual voltage (DV) feature allows for compatibility with devices running on the conventional 3.0V as well as with the dual voltage 3.0/1.8V devices. The low voltage feature translates to much lower power consumption, meaning longer battery life for both today and tomorrow's mobile digital devices. Card capacities of 128MB and 256MB are available immediately, with 512MB available in March.

ATP DV 128MB RS-MMC Flash Card ATP DV 256MB RS-MMC Flash Card
ATP DV 128MB RS-MMC Flash Card
ATP DV 256MB RS-MMC Flash Card

128MB & 256MB RS-MMC - Mobile Phones The 128/256MB card quadruples the storage capacity of videos, music, photos games, and ringtones on new mobile phones which either require or could use dual voltage memory cards such as Nokia smartphones 6630, 6670, and recently announced 6680, 6681, 6682 models.

128MB & 256MB RS-MMC - D. Lin: "The demand from our customers to expand the memory storage capacity of mobile devices that require or could use dual voltage RS-MMC memory cards has been tremendous. However, higher capacity (> 64MB) DV RS-MMC availability up to date has been minimal. We are excited to be the premier flash card manufacturer to bring these new products to the market to help fulfill our customers' need for memory card upgrade, allowing for both the longer battery life of low voltage operation as well as enhanced use of multimedia functions." said Danny Lin, ATP VP of Sales and Marketing.

128MB & 256MB RS-MMC - Protection: ATP's new DV RS-MMC memory cards offer the same advanced features as ATP's other flash card products allowing for ample protection from water, dust, ESD (electro-static discharge), and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 C to 85 C. This allows for versatility and durability rarely found today in flash memory cards.

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