Sony Cybershot P100 - PMA 2004
Sony Cybershot P100
Sony la última incorporación a la gama Cyber-shot de cámaras fotográficas digitales compactas de calidad es una de las más compactas lanzadas hasta ahora. Un 18% más pequeña en volumen y un 24% más fina que sus predecesoras, la Cyber-shot P100 incorpora una nueva óptica Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar con un zoom óptico 3x, el nuevo procesador Real Imaging de Sony, un Super HAD CCD de 5.1 Megapixels efectivos, batería con tecnología Stamina InfoLITHIUM y todo ello alojado en un cuerpo muy estilizado en aluminio. Para mantener el fino diseño de la cámara, la Cyber-shot P100 incorpora el innovador objetivo Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar, diseñado especialmente para replegarse completamente dentro del cuerpo de la cámara al desconectarla. El nuevo objetivo Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar es el moderno sucesor del objetivo de cámara de más éxito en la historia. Este innovador zoom te ofrece unas imágenes maravillosamente nítidas, ricas en contraste, y que ha sido diseñado óptimamente para darte la máxima funcionalidad en cámaras super compactas como la Cyber-shot P100. En la parte trasera de la cámara encontramos el visor óptico, la pantalla LCD de 1.8 pulgadas, y los controles que están integrados en el robusto cuerpo de metal, siguiendo la atractiva línea de la Cyber-shot P100.
Sony Cybershot P100 Sony P100
The Real Imaging Processor is the key technology in the excellent usability and Stamina power efficiency offered by the new Cyber-shot P100. Engineered by Sony to improve battery performance by up to 90 percent over the highly successful predecessor model, it works in conjunction with the supplied InfoLITHIUM battery to provide up to an amazing 340 shots on just one charge. The InfoLITHIUM battery's built in microprocessor continually communicates with the Cyber-shot P100 ensuring you know how much shooting time you have left down to the exact minute. As well as longer battery life, the Real Imaging Processor enables the camera to speed up operations such as start up time, shutter interval and shutter release time, meaning that you'll be far less likely to miss that important shot. The image quality is also improved by the new processor, with the result that pictures have improved focus, at the correct exposure and will display more faithful colour reproduction. In addition, the Real Imaging Processor allows the DSC-P100 to capture a high-speed burst of nine shots when in the high quality Fine mode and a fifteen image-burst in Standard mode. The Real Imaging Processor also enables the camera to record high-resolution video using MPEG Movie VX Fine (640x480, 30 frames per second), which is great for played back in full-screen on a TV. MPEG Movie VX Fine is dependant on the use of optional Memory Stick PRO storage, but the recording time is only limited by the capacity of the media. Shots in difficult conditions are now worry-free with nine different Scene Selection modes. These settings allow you to automatically prepare the camera to match the demands of the shooting situation and are preset for occasions like a trip to the beach or a night sky filled with fireworks. With the new Candle mode for example, the camera will automatically set itself to a slow shutter speed (0.2 second), a high ISO rating and a soft focus (with the Sharpness set at minus) in order to catch the intimate atmosphere of a candle-lit dinner. Other modes include Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Soft Snap, Beach, Fireworks, Hi-Speed Shutter, Landscape and Snow.

To get more out of the Cyber-shot range, Sony also offers a variety of optional accessories. These include the MPK-PHB, a marine housing that can protect the Cyber-shot P100 up to a depth of 40 metres underwater, and when used in conjunction with the HVL-ML20M light will provide well-lit underwater pictures. To enhance the pictures further you can also attach the VF-MP5K colour filter. Additionally, the VAD-PHB Lens Adaptor now enables users to attach Sony wide angle and tele lenses and filters to the Cyber-shot P100, such as the new VCL-DH2630 2.6x Tele conversion lens. Also available is the LCS-PHC, a soft carrying case to protect the Cyber-shot P100. The optional charger BC-TR1 charges the supplied battery in only 80 minutes (normal charge). Sony products are designed to connect quickly to each other and to the world beyond so that users can easily enjoy the benefits of digital networking. Digital images in this Cyber-shot camera can be saved to removable storage in the form of Sony Memory Stick and the optional Memory Stick PRO, capable of transferring your images between a wide range of Memory Stick compatible products. Additionally the P100 is equipped with a USB 2.0 hi-speed interface, which connects the camera by cable to a compatible PC for fast image transfers. The camera also supports the industry standard PictBridge technology. This makes it possible to connect directly with a PictBridge printer (like the Sony DPP-EX50) via the USB cable, enabling you to print your images quick and easy without using a PC. Furthermore, this latest Cyber-shot can take advantage of an optional cradle CSS-PHA to offer extra connectivity to a PC, printer or AV device. Simply slot in the camera into this optional Cyber-station and it is instantly connected to a computer, printer or TV to easily transfer, print or view images. There's no need to disturb the slideshow either as the Cyber-station comes complete with a convenient infrared remote commander. The Cyber-shot P100 will ship throughout Europe in May 2004.
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