Samsung Digimax Digital Still Cameras - PMA 2004
Samsung Digimax Digital Still Cameras
During PMA Samsung announced the launch of its new Samsung Digimax 401, 301 and 202 digital still cameras. At 4, 3.14 and 2 effective Megapixels respectively, the Digimax 401, 301 and 202 combine to form a new range of entry level compact digital still cameras designed specifically for first time users and promotional purposes. Like all Samsung digital still cameras, each of these new models was designed to be the price/performance leader in its respective class. These three new entry level cameras underscore that strategy, as they all offer a host of features not commonly found in products within their respective price ranges. All three cameras are highly compact, measuring just 98x38x51 mm, and all offer a unique double self timer feature. This feature allows users to set the camera's automatic timer to take a photo after ten seconds, followed by another photo just two seconds later.

The Digimax 401 offers a 4x digital zoom, while the new 301 features a 3x digital zoom. At 4 and 3.14 Megapixels, respectively, both cameras deliver crystal clear images that are suitable for printing and framing or sharing with family and friends electronically. Both are compatible with eight different power sources (2x AA alkaline, 2x NiMH, CR-V3 (Lithium), NiCd, 2x NiZn, 2x NiMn, I-Pack and optional AC adapter). Both also allow users to attach voice memos to still images and capture high quality video clips with sound at a maximum rate of 20fps for as long as the capacity of the memory card in use will allow. Both offer multiple flash modes, including Auto, Auto & Red-eye reduction, Slow sync, Fill-in flash and Flash off. Finally, both the 401 and 301 models allow the user to choose between Normal, B&W and Sepia tone for images with maximum artistic effect.

The Samsung Digimax 202 is the most aggressively priced model within the rapidly expanding Digimax range, and was designed to virtually eliminate all remaining barriers of entry to the digital-imaging world. With a street price of under $100, the Digimax 202 is poised to usher even the most tentative and budget conscious snap shooters into the digital age. A 2.0 Megapixel digital camera with 2x digital zoom, the 202 features multiple flash modes including Auto, Fill-in flash, Flash off and Auto & Red-eye reduction, Slow sync.

The 202 allows users to choose from a host of white balance settings, such as Auto, Daylight, Sunset, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Tungsten and Custom. Unlike many 2 Megapixel cameras, the 202 is also capable of capturing both still images and video, further adding to the immense value it offers for the money. Like the other models in the entry level Digimax range, the 202 is compatible with eight different power sources, ensuring that users will always be able to get the shots they want, no matter where their travels may take them.

All Samsung Digimax cameras come equipped with Mass Storage Driver, MGI PhotoSuite and Digimax Viewer software applications. All are designed to set new standards from price/performance within their respective classes and all are created with, quality, ease-of-use and value in mind.
Samsung Digimax 202
Samsung Digimax 301
Samsung Digimax 401
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PMA 2004
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