Olympus Camedia C8080 Wide Zoom - PMA 2004
Olympus Camedia C8080 Wide Zoom Digital Camera
On top of all introductions Olympus has made during the first day of the PMA in Las Vegas we can now introduce to you a top model, CAMEDIA C-8080 WIDE ZOOM. This 8 million pixel digital camera, protected by a magnesium alloy body, features a 5x wide zoom lens, a specially designed Sunshine LCD and a short release time lag. Over the years, CCD resolutions have shot up, lenses have been greatly improved and the cameras' internal processing systems have seen many optimisations. However, when it comes to their LCD monitors, there's still one incredibly frustrating problem. In bright light, it's often impossible to see the picture in the monitor. The new Sunshine LCD puts an end to this. Even under dazzling spotlights or the summer sun, it still shows bright, clear images, letting you frame and check your shots. The monitor can also be tilted down 20 and up 90 degrees to provide a clear view of your subject even when shooting from a difficult perspective.

This model further features an electronic viewfinder which keeps down the camera's overall size and brings a number of advantages to the photographer. Unlike most optical viewfinders, the electronic solution allows precise framing of the shot. With a resolution of 240,000 pixels, image refresh rates of 60fps and a delay of a mere 50ms, it is also superior to many other electronic viewfinders. Because it additionally shows all activated settings you don't have to take your eye from the subject when shooting. To draw the maximum performance from the camera's 8 million pixel resolution, allowing excellent prints even above A3 format, the C-8080 WIDE ZOOM has been equipped with a 5x, f2.4-3.5 lens of the highest optical standard. It comprises 14 high quality lenses arranged in five groups and includes two aspherical lenses to reduce distortion. In addition, three ED elements help minimise chromatic aberration, an effect that often occurs when shooting in the tele setting. The focal length extends from 7.1 to 35.6mm (35mm camera equivalents: 28mm to 140mm) for a range of subjects and styles, from landscapes and architecture to intimate close-ups. The camera is also compatible with a wide range of CAMEDIA system accessories, such as a power grip, and has a bayonet mount system (like those used in SLR camera systems). This allows quick and effortless attachment and removal of tele and wide angle lens converters.

Besides the short release time lag of just 0.3 sec. rapid data processing also enables very fast exposure rates. For example, 1.6 frames (each with 8 million pixels) can be shot per second in the sequence shooting and auto bracketing settings in any JPEG mode. The C-8080 WIDE ZOOM holds its own against many digital SLR models when it comes to precision metering technology too. Alongside highly accurate light and white balance metering systems, this model features a dual AF system. A TTL contrast detection system is combined with an additional passive metering system, which uses a second sensor to calculate the phase difference and thereby the subject's distance. The camera then fine-tunes the readings for optimum sharpness. The user can select a range of focusing options: iESP, spot auto focus (the metering spot can be placed in 13 different positions in the frame), full time AF and, of course, manual focus.

Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Full Manual modes plus other functions provide full creative scope to get the results you want. To capture even moving pictures, the C-8080 WIDE ZOOM permits movie recording with sound. The sequence's duration is limited only by the memory card's capacity. Either the xD-Picture Card or CompactFlash cards may be used with this camera model. Thanks to the USB 2.0 AutoConnect interface, all results can be downloaded quickly and easily to the computer. A hot shoe connection allows the use of high performance external flash units for professional lighting effects.

This camera comes with the CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software. Perfect for optimising, editing and managing digital files, the new version allows RAW format images to be converted according to the user's requirements. This offers ambitious photographers the opportunity to "develop" shots using the optimal PC settings, independent of the actual shoot.

The CAMEDIA C-8080 WIDE ZOOM main features are: 8.0 million pixels, Magnesium alloy body, 5x optical zoom (equiv. 28 - 140mm on 35mm camera), f2.4-3.5, Very short shutter release time lag of 0.3 sec. and extremely fast start-up time, Sunshine LCD monitor (may be tilted down 20 and up 90 degrees), High speed sequence shooting: 1.6 frames per second (except TIFF), Auto bracketing: up to 5 images (except TIFF), Electronic viewfinder with 240,000 pixels, Programme, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Full Manual modes, Numerous focusing control options: iESP, spot (manual positioning of metering spot in frame), full time AF, manual focus, Dual AF system, Hot shoe, Movie recording function with sound, USB 2.0 , A variety of newly-developed accessories are available, including a direct filter mount and bayonet mount conversion lens system and CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software provided. Housed in a black, robust magnesium alloy body, the CAMEDIA C-8080 WIDE ZOOM is planned for release in April 2004.
Olympus Camedia C8080 Wide Zoom Digital Camera
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