DIWA Award for Olympus E1 camera - PMA 2004
DIWA Award for Olympus E1 camera
The Digital Imaging Websites Association (DIWA), a new industry organisation that seeks out the best in imaging products and recognises them in the form of DIWA gold, silver and bronze medal awards, today awards Olympus Corporation a DIWA Gold medal for the Olympus E-1 in the category of Professional System Camera. In addition, DIWA has decided to make a supplementary Innovation award in recognition of the Olympus E-System, which is in turn based on the new open Four Thirds standard.
DIWA Award for Olympus E1 camera
Consistently high scores were returned by DIWA testers reviewing a number of different Olympus E-1 samples. At the lower cost end of the professional system digital SLR camera market, DIWA's Olympus E-1 testers liked the camera's robust, weather-proofed and innovative design that did not sacrifice relatively compact dimensions and light weight. Optical performance of the 'standard' 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 zoom lens was of a very high standard, bearing out the radical design philosophy of the Four Thirds standard. Excellent, ergonomics, controls and handling, mated to responsive electronics complete the picture. And no serious shortcomings were identified.
DIWA's test manager, Kai Thon, summarised: "Despite its compact and light-weight design, the E-1 complies with professional requirements with a rugged camera body, well protected against harsh environments and rough use and a high quality Full Frame Transfer 5Mp CCD sensor. Supported by high performance optics and accessories from the Olympus E-System, the E-1 is well equipped to give digital images of professional quality. With the E-1, Olympus has laid a solid foundation for further development of a unique standard."
Olympus is also awarded by DIWA a Gold medal for Innovation. Olympus has shown a high degree of vision and a determination to free digital SLR users from the compromises of legacy 35mm systems. By starting a brand new system, Olympus has been able to incorporate a number of key innovations, including relatively compact and lightweight, but fast, digitally smart lenses, telecentric optics optimized for digital sensors, fly by wire manual and auto focus control, ultrasonic sensor cleaning and a standardized sensor size.
"The introduction of the E-System was a bold move by Olympus, but also an ingenious move. By addressing the fact that numerous characteristics within digital imaging are not compatible with photography on film, a completely new system was developed," observes Kai Thon. He adds: "The Olympus E-System is based on the 'Four-Thirds' sensor standard, which allows smaller and lighter camera bodies and lenses, without compromising lens speed or optical performance. These advantages make the dreams of many professional photographers come true."
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