Kodak Pro 14n - PMA 2003
Kodak Pro 14n preview
Dave from Imaging Resource got just before he left to this PMA event the highlight of the Photokina 2002 event namely the Kodak PRO 14n. According to Jay Kelbley who we spoke to this day Kodak is shipping the first units to its dealers worldwide so it would only a matter of some time before we will see them on the shelves with your local retailer. Dave made very clear that these samples of the Kodak Pro 14n are not samples of a final production model, so do not judge the image quality because this could be changed with the availability of the final production models.
Kodak Pro 14n
Check the samples Dave has posted. The samples are made in Las Vegas where the weather is pretty stable, some sunshine, but mostly cloudy.
And when you are reading the article from Dave, do check out the rest of the extensive and excellent PMA report Imaging Resource have managed to get online. If you are interested in the review of the new Olympus Camedia C-740 camera you can also check Imaging Resource's review... For now, we will continue our coverage of this great event in this 24/7 town. After this event we will visit San Francisco for some days and travel directly to the CeBIT 2003 event where we will continue the coverage from a different show floor but with the same spirit!
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