Olympus Four Third SLR - PMA 2003
Olympus Four Third SLR preview
Ian Burley who we finally met this day at the PMA was the first reporter who got the change to publish the first hands-on images of the prototype Olympus Four Third system camera. The hands-on, although with gloves, could not be made in public, but had to be made behind doors. Ian managed to get a glimpse on the much rumored camera, so he gets all the credit! Excellent Scoop!
Olympus Four Third SLR
- Exclusive hands-on of the Olympus Four Third SLR at DP-NOW
Later this day we spoke Kai Thon, another good friend and colleague from DigIT in Norway. Kai also managed to get his hands on the new Olympus prototype camera, but he was in fact able to get his hand on it without having those white gloves on. The Japanese delegation is always very keen on keeping those prototype products like they are brand new and more important it is often impossible to get more details or get your impression from a camera without holding it in your own hands. The hands-on images from Kai will be online in some moments or are already online now; those of you who are not able to read Norwegian, the images speak for themselves!
- Exclusive hands-on of the Olympus Four Third SLR at DIGIT.NO
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