CeBIT - PMA 2003

PMA Las Vegas is over - we are flying to CeBIT 2003

We have left Las Vegas and have just arrived in San Francisco where we will rest for some hours. The next day we will travel to Sunnyvale where we will visit a well-known company, from there we will gather some information for the upcoming CeBIT 2003 event. March 10th we will arrive in the Netherlands where we will get some rest in our own beds. 24 hours later we will travel to Germany to visit the CeBIT 2003 event. The last couple of weeks were pretty hectic and covering CeBIT will mean walking for miles and miles and making long hours. We will get back to you soon with our special coverage of the upcoming CeBIT 2003 event!

San Francisco San Francisco SanDisk

A special thanks and our sincere greetings go out to all our colleagues from all of the major websites who were attending the PMA 2003. Dave and Michael from Imaging Resource, Dannee from Steve's Digicams, Kai from DigIT, David from A-Digital-Eye, Ian Burley from Digital Photography Now and Mizusawa Takashi and Eiji Tsujimoto from Impress. We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Las Vegas as much as we did, we will see all of you guys next time around! CeBIT 2003 - here we come!

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