Sony MVC CD500 - PMA 2003
Sony MVC CD500 digital camera
Today Sony introduces the new Sony MVC-CD500 camera. This digital camera is a new model within the Mavica series, but it is the first one with a 5 Megapixel resolution. We had this model in our hands during a short visit at Sony Headquarters. This MVC-CD500 is the first CD Mavica with a 5 million effective Megapixels and an optical focal range of 7-21mm equivalent to 34-102mm on a 35mm camera. The new MVC-CD500 offers some new features that will be popular among those who want to record their data on CD-R/RW.
The 5 Megapixel resolution will offer a rich detail and provides users to zoom and crop till they got their desired image. The image data size is large enough to print a large format without any loss of detail. The new Smart Zoom function provides a zoom without quality sacrifice by adjusting the zoom ratio intelligently to the image resolution. The Smart Zoom function achieves zoom ratios of up to 12x. The Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar lens eliminates any optical distortions like shadows or reflections.
Sony MVC CD500 digital camera Sony CD500 digital camera Sony MVC CD500 digital camera
The MVC-CD500 is equipped with an advanced accessory shoe that offers major improvements in flash results. Among the improvements is wireless flash, a pre-flash and automatic metering. The new CD Mavica has a histogram function which shows luminance distribution in the form of a graph, making it easy to judge the correct exposure levels. Continuous autofocus allows users to get the correct focus using the shutter button. Normally the image is frozen when pushing half-down the shutter button, but with the new MVC-CD500 continues to focus until the image is fully focused. The camera also provides three step settings for contrast, sharpness and saturation to ensure natural, true colours.
Sony MVC CD500 camera Sony CD500 camera Sony MVC CD500 camera
More details of the new MVC-CD500 are: Compatible with VCL-MHG07 converter, 14-bits DXP, Clear Color/Luminance Noise Reduction, single AF, monitoring AF and continuous AF, exposure control of -/+ 2EV with 1/3 step, selectable white balance of 7 settings, Multi pattern, centre weight and spot meting, AE lock, selectable scenes with 6 settings, 3 picture effects, selectable ISO setting of 100, 200 and 400 ISO, Hologram AF, manual focus, aperture and shutter priority, Histogram, 2.5-inch LCD display with 123,000 pixels, auto bright monitoring, 8cm CD-R/RW storage, data stored in JPEG, MPEG1, TIFF of Clip Motion format, burst mode of 3 images, USB and audio/video interface, weight of 514g (without battery and accessory) and dimensions of 138.5x95.7x103.1mm. In the Netherlands the Sony MVC-CD500 will be available around May 2003.
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