Sony Cybershot P10 - PMA 2003
Sony Cybershot DSC P10 digital camera
Sony has introduced their new 5 Megapixel Cyber-shot camera the DSC-P10. The stylish and feature-rich DSC-P10 is more compact than its predecessor the DSC-P9, and will appeal to the design-conscious. This new model is also among the first Sony products to be compatible with Memory Stick PRO, which delivers up to 1GB storage capacity when the camera is equipped with an optional Memory Stick PRO media.
According to Akihiro Nishikawa, Director of Sony Digital Imaging Europe, is this the first time that Sony offers 5 Megapixel quality to people who want to take great pictures in a range of different environments. The DSC-P10 contains a host of intuitive features that allow you to really personalise your shots and, if you are new to digital photography, this camera make high quality digital photography accessible to anyone who wants to capture good quality images of treasured moments.
Sony Cybershot DSC P10 digital camera Sony Cybershot P10 camera Sony P10 digital camera
The new Sony DSC-P10 provides superb image quality that gives great shots and prints, even in large formats. The 5 Megapixel image resolution provided by the DSC-P10 gives outstanding quality pictures with an incredible level of detail. Five Megapixel resolution allows users to zoom and crop images to get just the shots they want, as well as increase the size of images to make large format prints. In addition, zoom without quality sacrifice is now a reality with the new Smart Zoom function, which intelligently adjusts the zoom ratio according to the image resolution and achieves zoom ratios of up to 12x. The camera is supplied with a battery that provides more capacity and has more stamina than its predecessor. The DSC-P10 is supplied with an NP-FC11 Info Lithium battery. Shots in difficult conditions are now worry-free with a bigger assortment of Scene Selection modes that automatically adjust the camera settings for a range of environments. In addition to "Twilight", "Twilight Portrait" and "Landscape," "Snow" lessens the greyness of images containing a large amount of white by adjusting colour temperature and enhancing luminance, and "Beach" emphasises blue and extends depth of field to make sea more vivid. The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P10 "High Speed Shutter" feature quickens the shutter speed in order to minimise camera shake when shooting fast moving objects and, in darker environments, "Fireworks" adjusts the shutter speed, flash, focus and ISO level to take great shots of these extremely difficult objects in a darker situation such as fireworks.
The camera is more intelligent in making adjustments to light conditions thanks to a number of improvements. A new exposure warning means users always have the right exposure, as the camera detects the exposure level before taking the shot and a warning blink appears if it is not enough. In addition, Slow Synchronized Flash operates at a slow shutter speed for shooting foreground objects in twilight backgrounds, giving clarity to the background as well as to the foreground and, in daylight conditions, Auto Daylight Synchronised Flash automatically measures the exposure level for foreground objects, which have light behind them. Flash White Balance helps to make colour tones as realistic as possible in shots that contain a lot of reflective surfaces, such as under water. In these conditions, the camera might detect all light sources around the subject, creating a colour distortion. This is avoided by Flash White Balance, as the camera adjusts the white balance in the shot to restore colours to their true condition. When it is necessary to gain an accurate measure of lighting conditions, the DSC-P10 provides a histogram display, which shows luminance distribution in the form of a graph, making it easy to judge the correct exposure levels. The camera also provides three step settings for contrast, sharpness and saturation to ensure natural, true colours. In Burst Mode, the camera uses a buffer memory to take three shots in rapid succession for successful shooting of once-in-a-lifetime moments and in sports, action and wildlife environments. Under extremely difficult conditions, or if users have just one chance to get it right, the DSC-P10 provides Auto Exposure Bracketing, which takes the same picture three times at a different exposure level each time. The first shot is at the set exposure, the second is set lighter and the third is set darker. With the DSC-P10, Continuous Auto Focus allows users to get the correct focus using the shutter button. When the shutter button is pushed down under the setting to Continuous AF mode, the camera keeps on focusing until it reaches the correct level, rather than "locking" the image when the button is pushed halfway.
Many improvements have been made to make the camera more easy and quick to use so that shots can be taken swiftly with minimum fuss. Start-up times and shutter time intervals have improved and newly designed control functions mean that the cameras can be operated by little more than the touch of a thumb. Menu operation has also been extended from two to six European languages. Aspiring filmmakers can get some practice as the camera allows movies to be made with sound. The MPEG Movie VX feature records video in VGA format, which can be viewed on a television screen and is four times better than the preceding HQX. When the camera is equipped with Memory Stick PRO media, storage capacity is increased to 1GB, allowing up to 44 minutes of video to be recorded. This new Cyber-shot model will be introduced in Europe around the beginning of May 2003.
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