Sanyo Xacti DSC J1 - PMA 2003
Sanyo Xacti DSC J1 digital camera
The last couple of days Sanyo were running a little teaser about an upcoming new camera introduction. Today Sanyo unveiled its new product with in the introduction of the new DSC-J1 camera. This new Sanyo product is according to Sanyo the high qualified combination between still image and movie.
The new Sanyo Xacti DSC-J1 will be available in two colors, pink and silver. The camera has a very nice and small design and will hit the market in Japan in the middle of March. Sanyo made its announcement in such a way that we need to focus on the high quality Movie function that seems to be the highest quality movie recording that actually exists in the generation of consumer digital cameras today. The Movie function is recording the movie in a resolution of 640x480 pixels with 30 frames per second. This specification is not that thrilling (FujiFilm were the first to record a movie in 640x480/30fps), but the recorded movie is stored in a QuickTime Photo-JPEG format, which seems to be a higher quality compression than the regular QuickTime Motion JPEG.
Sanyo Xacti DSC J1 digital camera Sanyo Xacti DSC J1 digital camera
Sanyo claims to have made a great achievement in reducing the startup time by using a zoom lens that is just like Minolta has used with its DiMAGE x and Xi camera built inside of the camera. This type of zoom lens is only zooming inside of the camera and will use a little prism to catch the subject in action. Due to this inner zoom lens the camera has a startup time of only 1.2 seconds.
The new Xacti DSC-J1 is equipped with an 1/2.7" 3.3 Megapixel CCD and by using some interpolation the maximum recorded resolution will be 2880x2160 pixels, without interpolation the maximum resolution is set to 2048x1536 pixels. The data will be stored on a Secure Digital card which seems to become a standard nowadays. When we look at the last introduction and the introductions that will be made later in these weeks we find the Secure Digital back in a lot of digital cameras. The optical zoom lens of the new Sanyo camera is equivalent to 37-104mm on a 35mm camera with a brightness of 2.8 in wide and f3.9 in tele. The minimum focus distance in the standard mode is between 20cm to infinity and super macro mode it is only 2cm distance. The shutter speed for taking still images is ½ - 1/2000e seconds and in movie mode 1/30 - 1/10000e seconds.
Sanyo Xacti DSC-J1 Sanyo Xacti DSC-J1
Further specifications are: On the back of the camera there is 1.6" TFT display with a very high refresh rate of 60fps. This refresh rate is resulting into a very smooth use of the LCD display even when it is in various conditions. The sensitivity can be manually selected from ISO 50 to 100, 200 or 400 or automatically selected in a range of ISO 50-200. The white balance is automatic or selectable in 5 settings. The built-in microphone is taking care of the audio recording. The interfaces are USB 1.1 and an AV interface for connecting the camera to a television set. For power the Xacti DSC-J1 is using a DB-L10 Lithium Ion battery. The size of this camera is 98x57x31 with a weight of 150gr (battery excl.)
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