SanDisk Memory Stick - PMA 2003 - Live Showfloor Coverage
SanDisk Memory Stick
During the PMA 2003 SanDisk Corporation introduced the SanDisk Memory Stick with Memory Select Function, a 256MB storage card (total capacity) that is based on the existing Memory Stick media platform and is designed for current Memory Stick-compatible devices that support up to 128MB capacity. The new card integrates dual 128MB memory units that can be selected with a mechanical switch, a unique feature that simplifies the categorization of data on the card. The announcement was made at the Photo Marketing Association trade show where SanDisk is showing its products.
SanDisk Memory Stick
According to Nelson Chan, senior vice president and general manager of SanDisk's retail business unit, the new SanDisk product with a total of 256MB (128MBx2) - SanDisk Memory Stick with Memory Select Function - will effectively doubles the amount of digital images, digital music files, video and other data that can be stored and used on a Memory Stick device. SanDisk believes in the increased capacity and the ability to partition the card into two halves for the convenient storage and organization of files will be very compelling features for anyone who owns a Memory Stick product.
The SanDisk Memory Stick with Memory Select Function is expected to be available in May for approximately $135. This card, along with other SanDisk-branded storage cards and accessories will be available at many of the 50,000-retail stores worldwide that carry SanDisk products.
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