Ricoh Caplio G3 - PMA 2003
Ricoh Caplio G3 digital camera
Ricoh has no booth at the PMA show floor but had a private meeting at Hotel Treasure Island in Las Vegas. We have been visiting them to take a closer look at the new Caplio G3 camera. The light in the hotel was very dim so we took the camera outside. The camera has an impressive 0.14-second shutter response time. The camera has 3.24 effective Megapixels and according to Ricoh has done what no digital camera has done before - exceed the speed of a conventional 35mm camera. The new Caplio G3 is building on the success of the Caplio RR30 which was released last year. This new member of the Caplio family is even faster than the RR30 camera. It is able to capture action and spontaneous moments quickly and is designed to give the user an easy way of controlling the camera. The Caplio G3 has a 3x optical zoom lens and a 3.4x digital zoom. Besides capturing still images the Caplio G3 is also capable of capturing 120 seconds of AVI video with sound. The sound recording options enables the user to attach an 8-second "voice memo" to the photos taken, but this function can also be used as a voice recorder.
Ricoh Caplio G3 digital camera Ricoh Caplio G3 digital camera
The Caplio G3 has 8MB of internal memory and can also use optional Secure Digital memory cards. These especially compact devices do not need a power source to store information and permit fast and simple downloads of images. The camera is also compatible with Multimedia cards. The Caplio G3 offers six distinct scene modes: portrait, sports, landscape, night scene, text, and high-sensitivity, all of which help to optimize results depending on the shooting situation. When challenging lighting situations arise, such as in heavy sunlight, the handy auto-bracketing function allows the user to take three individual shots, at different exposure settings, at one time. The same functionality applies to the white balance bracket setting by applying tones of red, normal white and blue to three separate images.
Ricoh Caplio G3 camera Ricoh Caplio G3 camera
In Japan there are three versions of this new model available, but for the European market in the beginning there will be only the normal G3 being available. Three or four months later the magnesium body version and the silver version will be introduced for the European market.
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