Pentax *ist D digital SLR - PMA 2003
Pentax *ist D digital SLR
Last night we were able to catch a glimpse on the first digital SLR from Pentax; however the images we produced were not that impressive due to the bad light conditions we were shooting. Today we met for another time with the guys from Pentax USA, but unfortunately the pre-production model (later pre-production than yesterdays) had not arrived yet, but would come together with the Japanese delegation in some minutes... after 20 minutes we were able to get the Pentax in our own hands behind closed doors and indeed the camera is light weight, it immediately has a good grip despite the fact of its very slim design.
Pentax *ist D digital SLR Pentax *ist D digital SLR
The firmware of this model is not in a final stage yet, so screenshots of it were not preferable. This model could be the model for enthusiastic SLR owners to turn over to a digital version. It has a lot to be desired, the compatibility of the wide range of lenses, the compact design, a high resolution and as for what we will expect a competitive price in the digital SLR market.
Pentax *ist D digital reflex Pentax *ist D digital reflex
The images in this article gives you a pretty nice impression of the new Pentax *ist D's dimensions and features. We will continue our PMA coverage this day and the following days, so stay focused! The team of LetsGoDigital will provide you with the latest news from the show floor when we are heading after this PMA 2003 event in Las Vegas to Germany, Hannover where this very big CeBIT event will start. Enjoy your day like we do in sunny Las Vegas!
Pentax *ist D Pentax *ist D
Take a closer look at the excellent hands-on report from the guys from Imaging Resource where they did not only post some exclusive images from the new Pentax SLR camera but also got some more information on the body compared with the analogue version, hop on over!
Pentax *ist D digital camera Pentax *ist D digital camera
Pentax *ist D camera Pentax *ist D camera
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