Olympus Four Thirds Digital SLR - PMA 2003
Olympus Four Thirds Digital SLR
We just have returned from the PMA 2003 event where Olympus is showing their new Four Thirds Digital SLR camera. Still this model behind glass - we were not able to get it out, but well maybe this little hammer we have got with us will come in handy - is a prototype body, but I think we are close to the final design. Specifications are rare, but at least we have seen some progress after our first show floor images during the last Photokina 2002 in Germany where Olympus showed us a mock-up of the new system.
Olympus Four Thirds Digital SLR Olympus Four Thirds Digital SLR
Today the status of project "Four Thirds" is progressing some steps further and Olympus USA was ready to announce a prototype body with 4 Four Thirds lenses and for what I have seen two in stead of one new flash unit. Behind glass Olympus is showing a 50mm f2.0 macro lens, 300mm f2.8 tele lens, 50-200mm f2.8 - f3.5 zoom lens and 14-54mm wide lens. The announcement of Olympus is saying one flash unit, but there is another one, the FL-20, behind glass so I have counted two dedicated flash units for the new Four Thirds SLR system.
Olympus Four Thirds Olympus Four Thirds
According to our friends from Imaging Resource who we finally met yesterday - Dave & Michael; "NDA is changing again" - the new digital SLR system from Olympus could make its final debut to the market in June and could be available around fall 2003. The article from the guys from Imaging Resource is filled with a lot of official product images and their thoughts about this new camera, so hop on over to their live PMA coverage!
Olympus Digital SLR Olympus Digital SLR
More details of the Olympus introductions are: The Four Thirds system is a new open standard for digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses, the system uses a 4/3-type image sensor, the new lenses are (figures in parentheses indicate 35mm film camera equivalent): 300mm, f2.8 (600mm), 14-54mm f2.8 - f3.5 zoom (28 - 108mm), 50mm, f2.0 macro (100mm), 50-200mm and f2.8 - f3.5 zoom (100 - 400mm), the body of the camera is a magnesium alloy case, a power battery holder enables firm and secure holding even when shooting in portrait format, Flash connection is supported via a dedicated hot-shoe, manual and automatic adjustment of aperture, shutter speed and focus.
Olympus Digital SLR Lens Olympus Digital SLR Lens
Olympus Lens Olympus Flash
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