Nikon Coolpix SQ - PMA 2003
Nikon Coolpix SQ digital camera preview
We had this new Nikon product some weeks ago at the office where we took a first look at this unique designed camera. Nikon has made a lot of effort to make this new Coolpix member already famous by publishing a teaser some days ago. Today we can unveil this new Coolpix digital camera with a first look.
The Coolpix SQ camera has a resolution of 3.1 effective Megapixels and is equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens. This Nikkor zoom lens has a focal range of 5.6-16.8mm equivalent to 37-111mm on a 35mm camera. Besides the optical zoom the Coolpix SQ has also a 4x digital zoom. The 1/2.7" CCD has 3.1 million effective pixels resulting in a resolution of 2016x1512 pixels. Other image sizes are 1600x1200, 1024x768 and 640x480 pixels.
Nikon Coolpix SQ digital camera Nikon Coolpix SQ digital camera
The new Nikon Coolpix SQ is simply an eye-catcher, its stylish design, a full-metal case, an aluminium lens ring and of course the unique swivel lens makes it one of a kind. Due to this swivel lens design users will get a very flexible way of taking a shot from nearly any angle. The Coolpix SQ will offer 15 versatile Scene Modes that will take care of capturing any kind of special moment in nearly every situation. The scene modes are; portrait, party/indoor, night portrait, beach/snow, landscape, sunset, night landscape, museum, fireworks show, close up, copy, back light, sports, dusk/dawn and panorama assist. Besides capturing still images the Coolpix Sq can also handle movie clips with audio with a maximum of 40 seconds in a QVGA resolution at 15 fps.
Nikon Coolpix SQ camera Nikon Coolpix SQ camera
When the Coolpix Sq camera is turned on it is immediate noticeable that this camera is very fast in its start-up. In the macro mode the SQ camera needs only a minimal focus distance of 4cm. New is the newly developed overlapping Matrix metering and auto white balance, also improved is the image-processing algorithm for the most accurate and vibrant color reproduction. The storage media that is used to store all the date is CompactFlash type I. The Coolpix SQ comes together with the Cool-Station MV-10. This dockingstation is multifunctional; first this station recharges the battery while the camera rests in the cradle, second by pressing the transfer button on the cradle the images will be uploaded to a computer. It is even possible to recharge a second battery with this station by inserting this battery in the side of cradle.
Nikon SQ camera Nikon SQ camera
The weight of the SQ is approx. 180gr without battery and card, dimensions are 82x82x25.5mm. Other specifications are a 5-area multi autofocus, 5-mode manual white balance, an automatic noise reduction, plug and play USB interface, a bright and clear 1.5-inch LCD display with 117,600 pixels that can be used in bright daylight and the new Nikon View 6 that will be delivered together with the digital camera
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