Minolta DiMAGE F200 - PMA 2003
Minolta DiMAGE F200 digital camera
The DiMAGE F200 is a fully packed, stylish 4 Megapixel camera, a combination of compact design and all-round automatic functions. The new DiMAGE F200 is easy-to-use, but is also packed with functions that can take over control over image making. The compact body has a new control layout, will be available silver and indigo blue and has some aluminium exterior parts to give the camera an exclusive design.
The new camera from Minolta has a 1/1.8"  4.1 Megapixel CCD with 4 million effective pixels. This results in a resolution that will produce A5 photo-quality prints. Minolta' s image-processing, Cx-process, and 12-bit A/D conversion are major important details within the DiMAGE F200. The camera has a focal range of 7.8 - 23.4mm which is equivalent to 38-114mm on a 35mm camera. The 3x optical zoom lens in only 24mm long when retracted. The digital zoom function can extend the zoom range by four times in 0.1x increment give a total result of 12x zoom.
Minolta DiMAGE F200 digital camera Minolta F200 digital camera
The DiMAGE F200's improved Subject Tracking Autofocus follows a subject through three-dimensional space as naturally as seeing and can be used with Area AF or Focus Area Selection. When combined with Area AF, simply push the release button half-down, the focus will automatically lock on the subject and when the subject moves, Subject Tracking Autofocus will adjust the focus to ensure a sharp image. When Focus Area Selection is selected in combination with Subject Tracking Autofocus the photographer can select a specific subject and the camera will then follow the movement of that particular subject. A very handy new function is the Auto Rotate function that eliminates the need to keep turning the camera sideways when playing back the images. Vertical shots will be corrected automatically when viewing the images on the LCD display of the camera or on a television set.
Minolta DiMAGE F200 camera Minolta F200 camera
The DiMAGE F200 has also an improved Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection (ed. ADSPS would be easier) that will select from five subject programs and programmes AE to optimize the shooting conditions. These five subject programs can also be selected manually; portrait, sports action, landscape, sunset or night portrait. To reduce dark noise the F200 will activate automatically the noise-reduction function with exposures of one second or longer. The DiMAGE F200 is not only able to capture still images but can handle movies as well. The new XR Movie function allows recording movie clips that are only limited by the card memory capacity. Two resolutions can be selected: 160x120 or 320x240 pixels. The new Direct Video function allows the camera to be connected to a VHS or DVD recording deck; the only limit to recording is the length and speed of the tape or the capacity of the DVD. This new function uses both NTSC and PAL format. Comments can be recorded with or without an image. The audio recording mode records up to 180 minutes of audio (128MB Secure Digital card), a voice memo to a still image will be maximum 15 sec. The audio-caption function can attach an audio track to any recorded still-image.
Minolta DiMAGE F200 Minolta F200
The new DiMAGE F200 weighs only 185g without batteries or recording media; dimensions are 110x53x32mm. For power the DiMAGE F200 needs two AA Ni-MH batteries or one CR-V3 Lithium battery. Some of the major differences an new features of the DiMAGE F200 in regarding to the DiMAGE F100 are 4.1 million effective pixels instead of 4.13 million, noise reduction, 3 metering modes (centre, multi-segment and spot) instead of 2 (multi-segment and spot), longer audio recording function, greater digital zoom capability, enlarge playback magnification up to 6 instead of 5 times with 0.2 in stead of 0.5 increments, color modes, direct video recording, USB Direct Print, automatic rotations of playback images and better detection of Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection.
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