Casio Exilim EX Z3 - PMA 2003
Casio EX-Z3 digital camera preview
During the CES show in January - Las Vegas - Casio introduced their new member of the Exilim series cameras. All of these cameras are always ultra-compact designed for those who want a digital camera that could be carried everywhere they want to go. The Exilim series cameras are really credit card-sized, but with the introduction of the new Casio EX-Z3 we now have a wonderful designed ultra-compact camera, with a bonus of a 3x optical zoom and if this is not enough Casio added also a great 2-inch LCD display to it as well! Last year we spoke one of those many product managers of a particular brand where we wished for a new camera, that may have got an ultra-compact design, but it would be nice if it was also equipped with a large LCD display as well. Casio granted our wish and we have now seen the combination of large display and a slim, stylish design in one case and we sure do like it!
Casio Exilim EX Z3 Casio Exilim EX Z3
The Casio EX-Z3 is equipped with a CCD that provides 3.2 Megapixels and a new developed and high-performance 3x optical zoom lens. The zoom lens has a focal length of 5.8mm to 17.4mm which is equivalent to 35-105mm on a 35mm camera. Despite the ultra-compact design of the camera is holds immediately good in one hand and of course the large display is the eye-catcher. We could only wish for a new trend with the other manufactures to go for a large LCD display as well; it really would make all those ultra-compact cameras more interesting and more-over user-friendlier. The size of this nice little Casio camera is 87x67x23mm with just a weight of 125g (without batteries and storage). The total volume lets you use carry it in any pocket so it can be part of your everyday lifestyle without any problem.
Casio EX Z3 Casio EX Z3
The 3x optical zoom lens of the new Casio EX-Z3 camera uses a brand new developed type of 3-segment telescoping lens mechanism that makes it possible to provide 3x optical zoom range in an ultra-compact case. The zoom lens that has been used is a SMC Pentax lens constructed of six elements in five groups with a bright aperture of f2.6 in wide and f4.6 in tele. The minimal focus distance is in standard mode 40cm to infinity and in macro mode 6cm – 50cm. The metering is done with multi-pattern by imaging element and the exposure control is selectable from -/+ 2EV with 1/3 EV. When you start-up this little thing the EX-Z3 is ready within 2 seconds. This is a very comfortable way of starting up cause if you do no want to miss your favourite moment, you definitely don't need a camera with a start-up time of 4 seconds. When we take a look on the back of the EX-Z3 we stay simply surprised to see that large format display on that tiny little camera. The 2-inch LCD display features a digital interface for a clearer display of the images. The size of this monitor lets you better use it like viewfinder, you will use it immediate when you turn on the camera and for viewing back the images you do need to magnify them directly. The size of this LCD display in combination of the ultra-compact design is in our opinion the hit of the Exilim series cameras.
SanDisk Secure Digital Memory Card SanDisk Secure Digital Card
The Best Shot Mode provides optimum camera setups in an instant. The user simply selects the sample scene closest to the desired image, and the camera's light metering, exposure compensation, saturation, and other settings are configured accordingly. The EX-Z3 has total of 21 sample scenes built in, including "Coupling Shot" and "Pre Shot". Automatic image transfer to computer - the procedure to download photos is accomplished by connecting the supplied docking cradle to the computer's USB port, placing the EX-Z3 onto the cradle, and pressing the cradle's USB button. From there, the PhotoLoader software automatically transfers all JPEG and AVI files in image memory to the computer. Placing the EX-Z3 onto its cradle and pressing the Photo button starts a slideshow of images currently in camera memory. The camera can even be set up to display the desired images whenever it is placed on the cradle.
Casio Exilim EX-Z3 Casio Exilim EX-Z3
The Casio EX-Z3 has a built-in 10MB Flash Memory, but also supports a Secure Digital or MultiMedia card. The copy function of the camera copies the images between a memory card and the built-in memory. Overall our short first look on the Casio EX-Z3 camera was very positive, the camera handles very easy, the big 2-inch display is definitely the bonus for us and the ultra-compact design lets you take it anywhere you wanna go to. This camera will come together with the dockingstation and will get a very competitive price, so we do think Casio has a winner on its hands!
Casio EX-Z3 Casio EX-Z3
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