Canon PowerShot S400 - PMA 2003
Canon PowerShot S400
In the unofficial Canon PowerShot forum in Japan a new 4 Megapixel Canon camera has been published. The new camera is called PowerShot S400. We have got this information through our source in Japan. In the last couple of days Canon has placed itself in a big spotlight and it seems that Canon is not that carefully with keeping its NDA products to itself.
Canon PowerShot S400
The Canon EOS 10D became world news because Canon showed this new product on a show where they allowed visitors to make product images, welcome to the world of Internet Canon!

The Canon PowerShot A70 and S50 were also unveiled cause Wallmart USA decided to go public with them and now it is the PowerShot S400 to end the row of cameras. The unofficial specifications are a 4 Megapixel CCD and 3x optical zoom lens. This Canon news is a hot item on the Japanese and Taiwanese websites.

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