Canon EOS-10D preview - PMA 2003
Canon EOS 10D preview
Five days ago our good friends at Imaging-Resource got a full-production EOS-10D from Canon, so it had to be hard work to get a full review online just when the NDA passed over! Dave Etchells is really enthusiastic about this new Canon model, the new EOS-10D is not only simply a replacement, but it is packed with a lot of improved and new features and has an even lowered price as well, so it has everything to become a real winner. Now we have to wait whether shipment will start as successfully as this camera has been introduced.
Canon EOS-10D
Also Steve from Steves-Digicams had his hands on this brand new digital SLR camera. Our good and always active friend Steve ("are you online?") got a pre-production EOS-10D camera and was able to review it published also a comparison between the EOS-D60 and the new EOS-10D and also between the Nikon D-100 and the EOS-10D. So hop on over to read those excellent and exclusive reports from both Steves-Digicam and the guys from Imaging-Resource!
- Canon EOS 10D FirstLook at Steve's Digicams
- Canon EOS 10D Review at Imaging Resource
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