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Canon IXUS 210

Ilse Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Tuesday 9th, February 2010
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

PMA 2010 News - Canon announces the arrival of the latest and most advanced touch screen IXUS - the new IXUS 210. Available in black, gold, silver and pink, the Canon IXUS 210 offers a sculpted metal exterior, a 14.1 Megapixel image sensor and 24mm genuine Canon lens for premium imaging performance to match its iconic IXUS styling. A newly-developed touch user interface coupled with on-screen Hints and Tips, makes capturing, browsing and sharing images easier than ever before. The Canon IXUS 210 is the most advanced touch screen IXUS to date. By using large and easy-to-press on-screen icons while shooting, users can swiftly access commonly-used camera functions, while a simple-to-navigate touch menu system aids swift access to other camera settings.

Canon IXUS 210

14 megapixel Canon IXUS 210 camera
Touch AF allows the user to focus on their subject by simply ‘touching’ it on the screen. If the subject is moving, the camera’s integrated Servo AF/AE will automatically track it, maintaining both focus and exposure for the perfect shot. Browsing images is also made easy and natural by enabling users to simply drag their finger across the screen and the camera will match the speed of image review with the speed of the gesture made on-screen. “Touch Actions” allow users to match gestures made on-screen to commonly used functions, such as tagging images as favourites or erasing, rotating, or protecting images in their collection. The colour theme and on-screen icon layout can be customised on the Canon Digital IXUS 210 - allowing users to tailor the interface to suit their preference and style. On-screen Hints and Tips also guide users through the camera’s functions, helping them to understand how and when to use each one to capture the perfect image.

Canon IXUS 210 equipped with 3.5" LCD screen
A large, high-resolution, 8.8cm (3.5”) PureColor II Touch LCD screen offers plenty of space for users to easily navigate the finger-friendly touch interface. With wide colour reproduction and high contrast, users can also enjoy their images in rich colour from almost any angle. Active Display now allows users to browse through their images by simply tapping the sides of the camera, introducing a new dimension to sharing content on the camera with friends and family.

Canon IXUS 210

Canon IXUS 210 delivers outstanding pictures
The Canon Digital IXUS 210 offers stunning image quality to accompany its stand-out design. Featuring a 24mm ultra-wide angle, genuine Canon lens - it’s ideal for landscapes and large group shots which require a wider field of view to capture the entire scene. The Canon IXUS 210 digital camera also features a 5x optical zoom which allows users to get even closer to the action. An optical Image Stabilizer (IS) and Motion Detection technology work together to reduce image blur by effectively reducing camera shake and detecting the presence of motion in the scene. In addition, the IXUS 210’s high speed DIGIC 4 processor delivers outstanding responsiveness, rapid auto focus and natural-looking skin tones and colour in the final result.

Canon Digital IXUS 210 camera technologies
The new Canon IXUS camera features a range of technologies and functions to enable users to capture the perfect picture, every time. Smart Auto with Scene Detection Technology can identify up to 22 different shooting scenes, intelligently analysing shooting conditions and automatically applying the optimum picture settings to capture the image. So whether taking a picture of a loved one in sunny conditions, or a group of friends at night, users can relax in the knowledge that the camera is taking care of the complicated settings, all they need to do is point and shoot.

Canon IXUS 210

Smart Flash Exposure on the Canon IXUS 210
Smart Flash Exposure has also been introduced to the IXUS 210 - allowing the camera to effectively control the flash in a range of shooting conditions. For example, when taking portraits in sunny conditions, Smart Flash Exposure will identify shadows on the subject’s face and use just enough flash to eliminate them. To prevent over-exposure when photographing at close distances, Smart Flash Exposure will detect how reflective the subject is, its distance from the lens, and set the flash power accordingly.

Canon IXUS 210 features Face detection
With Face Detection Technology, the IXUS 210 can identify up to 35 faces in a single frame before adjusting focus, exposure, flash and white balance to achieve the best possible result. A new Smart Shutter mode also provides inventive ways to control the shutter using Face Detection Technology. In Smart Shutter mode, the user can trigger the shutter using a smile or - with Wink Self-Timer - a simple wink of an eye. FaceSelf-Timer also triggers the shutter two seconds after a new face joins the frame. With these innovative functions, IXUS 210 users can take great people shots, including self-portraits, without the need for another person to be behind the camera.

Canon IXUS 210 shooting modes
A range of new and creative shooting modes make taking exciting and unique shots easy and fun. Fish-eye Effect allows users to achieve the effect of a fish-eye lens with three levels of distortion to choose from, whilst Miniature Effect mimics the effects possible with a ‘Tilt-Shift’ lens - making buildings within a wider landscape appear of model-scale for dramatic results. The IXUS 210 also offers a Low Light mode, providing the ability to shoot in very low light at reduced resolution, expanding the range of conditions in which the camera can be used. Making it easier to browse through large numbers of images, a new Smart Shuffle playback mode selects and displays four suggested images based on the one currently being viewed. This allows users to see images captured in similar situations or with similar settings, providing a new way to review images stored.

Canon IXUS 210

Capture and share HD videos with the Canon IXUS 210
Users of the IXUS 210 can also capture special moments in High Definition (HD) video at 720p resolution. Thanks to a YouTube upload function, integrated into the bundled CameraWindow software, users who have already registered with YouTube can login and upload video clips from their PC at the touch of a button. The IXUS 210 also features an integrated HDMI port, allowing video and images to be viewed on any HDMI-compatible output device without loss of quality. Allowing users to store more video and photos than the standard SDHC memory cards that are currently supported, the IXUS 210 is among Canon’s first products to support SDXC storage cards, offering up to 2TB of storage capacity.

Canon IXUS 210 includes a free membership of iMage Gateway
Owners of the new IXUS 210 are entitled to free membership of Canon iMAGE Gateway, an online facility for sharing photos and video. Users can take advantage of up to 2GB of personal storage capacity, creating enough room for hundreds of high-quality images. Mobile browsing is also supported, making it easy for friends and family to view photos on the move.

Canon IXUS 210

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