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PMA 2010

Ilse Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Saturday 20th, February 2010
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

PMA 2010 News report - January is traditionally the month dedicated to the CES show, during which a variety of consumer electronics for the upcoming season is introduced. This year's CES show managed to surprise us by introducing no less than 60+ new cameras, which we expect will soon be available in the (online) stores. This leaves us to ponder what is left for the PMA 2010 International Convention and Trade Show, which will not be held in Las Vegas this year, but instead in Anaheim, LA. We expect the PMA show to come up with a number of new DSLR cameras, as well as a number of consumer compact cameras. The industry does not seem to fully focus on the PMA; Canon, for example, will not be represented.

PMA 2010

PMA 2010 in Anaheim, LA
And that is a clear indication that the PMA is gradually losing its charm. And moving the event from Las Vegas to Anaheim really doesn’t add to its popularity either. We have already heard the mumbling voices of disapproval in the corridors. However, it appears that this decision was not made willingly, since a contract for a minimum amount of years of Las Vegas Convention Center was already on the table. Signed and ready to go. We even expect the PMA to become a more American-orientated show. And we can see the focus shifting to the CES and Photokina, as well as the new CP+ show, which is scheduled for March and will be held in Japan.

3D photography at the PMA show 2010
3D photography could be facing a breakthrough in 2010. Naturally, there have been many attempts over the last few decades to put 3D photography on the map; however, at the time, this was actually a solo project. We already witnessed during CES that the 3D experience will certainly reach the consumer in vast quantities this year. Thanks to the support and innovative drive of many electronics manufacturers, 3D is brought to a much broader market, which makes shooting with a 3D DSLR and 3D camera the next logical step. This broad support by the electronics industry really seems to have given it the green light.

PMA 2010 : Digital system cameras
Digital SLR cameras, or system cameras in general, are extremely popular, and often provide renewed pleasure in picture-taking for the older photographer, yet at the same time often become a new pastime for the younger photographer. This year, the system camera, without mirror, will find itself in the limelight even more than ever before. The question emerges as to when renowned camera manufacturers such as Canon, Sony and Nikon will also realize the potential, and come up with a compact camera system like the Samsung NX10, or the popular Micro Four Thirds Pen E-P2 cameras from Olympus and the Panasonic Lumix GF1. The traditional DSLR camera will have to accept its new role and make room for the mirror-less camera that is conquering a market share of its own. Exactly which role PMA 2010 is going to play in this, still remains to be seen.

Digital compact camera more and more replaced by smartphones
For now, the compact camera remains a product for the masses, although we can imagine the simple cameras gradually getting replaced by mobile phones with built-in cameras. The smartphone is undergoing an unprecedented growth, and is often equipped with a better quality camera. Additionally, the wireless communication options and direct connections to social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and so on, offer the user a lot more freedom. The ability to immediately share captured pictures with family and friends, is clearly in favor of a camera phone. And you’d imagine that to at least come at the expense of the market share of the amateur compact camera.

PMA 2010 show report
Besides the publication on LetsGoDigital, PMA show news will also published on the special PMA website. We will return after the PMA 2010 International Convention and Trade Show, in order to prepare for the CP+, which will take place in Japan in March. 2010 seems to offer an entirely new start with many opportunities; completely different compared to 2009! Enjoy the PMA show, and keep an eye on the publications on our site, which will be updated daily with the latest news.

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