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Kodak cameras at PMA

Ilse Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Tuesday 10th, March 2009
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Whereas in the past, large floor surfaces were needed to present all the Kodak products, nowadays the amount of square meters has decreased significantly, as has the actual amount of imaging products. The American giant, famous all over the world, a brand name that equals photography, is presented at the PMA 2009 Show in Las Vegas. as a manufacturer of digital photo frames, some photo finishing stations and several services in the field of imaging. Somewhere on the side of the booth, hidden among the frames, a row of Kodak digital cameras is showcased. The New Kodak cameras carry the once so renowned Kodak brand name.

Kodak cameras

New Kodak cameras
All of this sounds very glum indeed, but I simply can't see it otherwise, based on my 20 years of observation of this brand. We all know the story of the missed opportunity to switch from analogue to digital, but once brands were aware of the fact that it was necessary to make the change, most brands did, although I can only conclude that Kodak is still hesitating and investigating. Due to the lack of Kodak staff in many regions all over the world, it is obvious that digital cameras are no longer Kodak's core business.

Kodak photo frames
And when I listen to the enthusiastic story of an experienced Kodak employee during PMA in Las Vegas about the umpteenth digital photo frame, while remembering the times of the Photokina 2002, where Kodak presented the Kodak DSC-14n, I realize that a lot has changed for Kodak in its digital imaging world. At the Photokina 2002, we met with Jay Kelbley, who then worked as Worldwide Product Manager for Kodak. The Kodak 14n was proudly presented at that time as a very convincing solution for the professional digital photographer.

Kodak cameras

Kodak SLR cameras
The Kodak 14n was the DSLR camera with potential; a camera with which Kodak seemed ready to engage in battle. However, from that moment on, Kodak started to lose grip on the market. The delivery of the Kodak DSC-14n did not go as planned and had to be postponed. The firmware was not up-to-date and the industry stood on the sideline smirking amusedly.

Kodak EasyShare cameras
No matter what your viewpoint is; in my opinion, never again did Kodak reach the professional camera level they were on before. At one point, Kodak's DSLR silently slipped into the shadows, and focus was put solely on the compact camera. It used to be a segment where Kodak proved to be innovative at times, however; also here Kodak showed that a Kodak EasyShare camera without inspiration could only become a simple entry-level camera without any potential. No innovation or integration of today's techniques in sight, resulting in the EasyShare digital camera gradually disappearing into the background.

Kodak cameras

Kodak EasyShare Z915
I can't imagine the Kodak EasyShare camera to be around much longer. Unless Kodak should see the light all of a sudden and get ready to innovate, but today's market is very competitive and every failure is immediately castigated. And I wonder if Kodak even wants to go in that direction. Kodak's prominent digital camera for the PMA 2009 was the new Kodak EasyShare Z915, a 10 Megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom, powered by a pair of AA batteries. The camera can be ordered online for $250 and will be available in May 2009...

New Kodak digital imaging products
Kodak Z915
Kodak EasyShare Z915
Kodak EasyShare C180
Kodak EasyShare Z980
Kodak Wi-Fi All-in-One printers
Kodak SDHC video memory card
Kodak Single Use Camera

Kodak cameras

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Kodak cameras

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