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JVC Everio camcorders

Ilse Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Thursday 5th, March 2009
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

The 2009 line of JVC Everio camcorders offers innovations in video sharing, dual storage memory models and hi-def camcorders no larger than their diminutive standard definition counterparts. For 2009, what the JVC Everio camcorder line offers is choice - in storage medium, color and sharing. The new JVC camcorders includes hard disk drive (HDD) models, memory camcorders, and for the first time dual memory camcorder models, including standard and high definition dual SD memory card camcorders, the world’s first dual card slot models. There’s also a standard definition camcorder that combines SD card recording with internal flash memory.

JVC Everio camcorders

JVC Everio camcorders
For sharing, all 2009 JVC Everios make it easy to watch videos on an Apple iPod or iPhone by exporting videos to the user’s iTunes library with the new One Touch Export function provided by bundled software for Windows. This joins the One Touch Upload function for uploading to YouTube, for 2009 a feature available on all JVC Everio camcorders, and One Touch DVD Creation function for easy archiving and sharing by disc, a long-time Everio feature.

JVC camcorder accesories
All 2009 JVC Everio camcorders are extremely compact, with the high definition models for the first time the same size as standard definition Everios that use the same media. In addition, more camcorder models offer color options for 2009, and the choice of colors has expanded to six. The 2009 JVC Everio camcorder line includes three HD Everio models that all record 1920 x 1080 full HD video. The JVC GZ-HD300, with 60GB hard drive, and the GZ-HD320, with 120GB hard drive, offer HDD storage for extra-long recording times. The JVC GZ-HM200 camcorder offers dual SD card recording, with continuous recording from one card to the next, and is one of the smallest and lightest full HD camcorders available.

Standard definition camcorders
In standard definition, there are three new JVC Everio G series models - the 60GB JVC GZ-MG630, the 80GB JVC GZ-MG670 and the 120GB JVC GZ-MG680. The Everio S series of memory camcorders includes two models - the JVC GZ-MS120, with dual SD card slots, and the JVC GZ-MS130, with an SD card slot and 16GB of internal flash memory. All dual memory models offer continuous recording.

High Definition JVC camcorders
All JVC HD Everios feature a 1/4.1-inch 3.05 megapixel CMOS image sensor. All offer full HD recording - full 1920 x 1080 resolution - and they maintain native 1920x1080 resolution through playback, enabling output of a 1080p 60 fps progressive signal to make the most of high-end HD displays. Using the same GENESSA processing technology used in JVC HD televisions, conversion to 1920x1080 at 60 fps provides seamless natural video, free of motion judder during fast action activities, jaggy lines on angles and moiré patterns on fine details when zooming. 1920x1080 HD discs played back via the camera from the JVC CU-VD50 SHARE STATION are also converted to 60 fps progressive.

JVC Everio camcorders

JVC HD camcorder - Konica-Minolta HD Lens
JVC HD Everio camcorder models are also equipped with HDMI V.1.3 with x.v.Color. Among the colors that the human eye can see, x.v.Color technology, based on the xvYCC color standard, can display 100 percent compared to about 55 percent with sRGB. So when connected to an x.v.Color compatible HDTV, the pristine world of high definition can be enjoyed to its fullest. A new Konica Minolta HD LENS, developed especially for Everio, provides a high-performance “eye” for the capture of Full HD resolution images, and also delivers a high optical zoom ratio of 20x which is among the highest for HD camcorders.

JVC HD Gigabrid Premium video engine
JVC’s new HD Gigabrid Premium video engine is used in both HD Everio and standard definition Everios. It not only applies advanced image processing to optimize image quality, it also contributes to a 30 percent reduction in power consumption compared to previous JVC Everio camcorder models, and also enables approximately 2.5-times faster creation of DVD discs for standard definition or AVCHD DVDs from HD Everio.

Face Detection technology
All HD Everios now feature the new AVCHD UXP mode with an unprecedented bit rate of up to 24Mbps to deliver more detailed, sharper images with less noise. UXP mode is ideal for storing to Blu-ray or an external hard disk drive. All the recording modes for HD Everio camcorder models - UXP, XP, SP, and EP - use Full HD 1920x1080 resolution. The 120GB JVC GZ-HD320 camcorder can record up to 11 hours in the UXP mode and up to 50 hours in the EP mode. Further contributing to high quality video on all HD Everio models is Face Detection technology, which automatically detects faces within the image being recorded to accurately adjust focus and exposure for sharp, beautiful images.

JVC Everio camcorders

New JVC Camcorder design & colours
In addition to performance and convenience, the 2009 Everio line offers plenty of style and shooting comfort. A new design features elegant curves, a silver-framed LCD and a comfortable angled grip with a new dual use strap. The strap can be used in the usual camcorder fashion, supporting the user’s hand when shooting, or it can be extended and used as a wrist strap like the type on most digital still cameras. In addition, two new colors have been added for selected models - Garnet Red and Topaz Blue, joining the Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Onyx Black and Diamond Silver.

New JVC Everio camcorders - Availability & Pricing
• JVC GZ-MS120 camcorder - Available February - price $299.95
• JVC GZ-MS130 camcorder - Available February - price $349.95
• JVC GZ-MG630 camcorder - Available January - price $429.95
• JVC GZ-MG670 camcorder - Available January - price $479.95
• JVC GZ-MG680 camcorder - Available February - price $549.95
• JVC GZ-HM200 camcorder - Available March - price $579.95
• JVC GZ-HD300 camcorder - Available February - price $699.95
• JVC GZ-HD320 camcorder - Available February - price $799.95

JVC Everio camcorders

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