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PMA 2009 Sneak Peak

Dennis Hissink
PMA 2018 Report
Thursday 5th, March 2009
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

The day prior to the opening of the PMA 2009 Show is usually Sneak Peak day. Journalists can enroll for this small event, to get a Sneak Peak of several new products that will be presented at PMA 2009's show floor. This is not a big event; generally a few long rows of booths are put up, with a small representation of the brand. Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to make several appointments during or before PMA, and we're always happy to meet our friends and acquaintances again. All in all, a relaxed atmosphere and a warm-up for the annual PMA Imaging Convention and Trade Show 2009.

PMA 2009 Sneak Peak

Samsung NX hybrid camera
Even before the PMA 2009 show kicks off, it looks like Samsung is going to pocket the gain. The introduction of the Samsung NX camera concept, which is a hybrid digital camera with DX sensor and exchangeable lens, is considered to be the immediate rival the Micro Four Thirds system that was introduced last year. Although Samsung did attend the Sneak Peak, a mock-up of the Samsung NX camera will only be presented on the actual show floor to the press. We have made an appointment with Samsung camera USA and we will come back to the Samsung NX camera details soon.

Pentax X70 megazoom camera
Persistent rumors had it that a concept similar to that of Samsung was on its way from Pentax, however; Pentax does not seem to head in that direction just yet. There was a small preannouncement of a hybrid digital camera of Pentax, but it turned out to be a Megazoom camera; the Pentax X70. Unfortunately, the latter was not presented during Sneak Peak 2009. Somewhat disappointing yet at the same time saying quite a lot. It seems that the close cooperation of Samsung and Pentax is gradually falling apart. Pentax's camera division seems to encounter difficulties in keeping up, and it could become a critical year for Pentax, also due to the worldwide financial crisis. Click here for technical specifications of the Pentax X70 camera.

PMA 2009 digital imaging products
The number of participants of the PMA 2009 Sneak Peak and the number of visitors attending were certainly not disappointing at all. In a spacious room in the Las Vegas Renaissance hotel, next to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the new digital imaging products were showcased on simple tables covered with white tablecloths. Various accessories, such as software, lenses, GPS navigation devices and so on, in addition to digital cameras, were there for a so-called 'Touch & Try'.

General Imaging digital cameras
General Imaging presented a new series of digital cameras. So far, they seem to be small updates of existing cameras. The General Imaging cameras are now available in extra colors such as pink, and functions such as panorama stitching have been updated. It is extremely simple to stitch three pictures together. After taking the first picture, a small square is displayed on the side of the screen. By guiding a circle inwards the square, the next picture is automatically taken, up to a maximum of three pictures. This results in a fine landscape picture without costing any effort at all. A great budget solution for the Amateur photographer.

PMA 2009 Sneak Peak

Sony Cybershot HX1 megazoom camera
Sony did not attend Sneak Peak with its digital cameras. A few hours after the Sneak Peak, Sony organized a press conference in the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, at which the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX1 megazoom digital camera was introduced, among other new CyberShot cameras. The Sony Cybershot DSC-HX1 uses a technique that is also found in the Sony Alpha DLSR cameras, which provides the camera with prominent specifications. The Sony CyberShot HX1 is a so-called Megazoom camera with exceptional features such as a CMOS sensor, 10fps and a high quality G zoom lens. We will get back to this during the PMA show 2009.

Sigma DP15 and DP2 digital cameras
Sigma announced the official introduction of the Sigma SD15 and DP2. Products that were introduced during the last Photokina are now actually ready to be delivered. Both products target a small group of consumers. The Sigma DP2 and SD15 are both equipped with a unique Foveon image sensor which appeals to a small group of photographers. Sigma will extensively exhibit its assortment during the PMA 2009 Show.

PMA 2009 Sneak Peak

PMA Sneak Peak coverage
The Sneak Peak offers a nice opportunity for those who were not yet able to prepare for appointments, meets and greets etc. In addition, the Sneak Peak is a nice event to have a chat with friends and colleagues from the imaging world, while enjoying a drink and a snack at the same time. The Sneak Peak is not the most striking event, while many products were of course already introduced in the weeks prior to the start of the PMA. Sneak Peak 2009 is over and I am hitting the road for Digital Focus, a similar event held in the Mirage this time…

PMA 2009 Show Highlights
• PMA 2009 Report
• Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 preview
• Olympus E-620 Las Vegas Gallery
• Fujifilm F200EXR Las Vegas Gallery
• Nikon 50mm Las Vegas Gallery
• Nikon 35mm Las Vegas Gallery
• Sony CyberShot DSC-HX1
• Casio Exilim EX-Z9
• Kodak EasyShare Z915
• Pentax X70
• Samsung NX
• JVC Everio camcorders
• JVC Everio Hybrid Camera

PMA 2009 Sneak Peak

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