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Sony Alpha A700 Review

Dennis Hissink
PMA 2018 Report
Monday 29th, October 2007
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

The Sony Alpha A700 is equipped with a newly developed 12.2 MP CMOS image sensor and works with a focal length multiplier of 1.5x. The housing consists of a combination of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate and is mostly waterproof and dustproof thanks to extra attention that has been paid to the closure of covers etc. The weight of a tad less than 800 grams (778 grams without lens) is pleasant to work with and makes the camera lie stable in my hand. The beautiful large sized LCD screen on the back of the Sony A700 is definitely breathtaking. This 3-inch high resolution LCD screen surely adds a surplus value to this camera.

Sony Alpha A700

Sony Alpha Body
The Sony Alpha A700 has a good design and the camera's appearance shows its quality. The camera looks solid and certainly not just like a digital toy, but it is clear at one glance that this is a serious digital SLR camera. The Sony A700 is not a very light camera compared to the latest trend of feather light cameras. The weight of almost 800 grams makes you feel that you actually have a SLR camera in your hands.

Sony Alpha A700

Camera Design
The front of the Sony Alpha A700 is quite standard equipped and does not leave a lot to imagine. The lens mount with the striking orange border stands out on the front of the camera and the large Alpha logo top right of the lens mount catches the eye immediately. These details show that we are not dealing with a traditionally thinking photo manufacturer that carefully weighs every small detail in order to not deviate too much from the traditional way of designing cameras. It certainly is striking and Sony does really give the Sony Alpha 700 its very own look.

Sony Alpha A700

Sony Alpha A700 Review
The Sony Alpha A700 has been equipped with a dual card slot. Besides the widely available CompactFlash memory card, the Memory Stick Duo card can be used also. The Memory Stick Duo card is supported to a maximum storage capacity of 8GB while the CompactFlash card is currently available with a capacity of 16GB. The manual is not clear about support of a maximum storage capacity of CF cards, but during the review I used the SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash 16GB without a problem. Continue to read the full review at LetsGoDigital.

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