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Manfrotto Tripods

Ralf Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Thursday 8th, March 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Manfrotto takes great pride in bringing new products to market that make the lives of professional and amateur shooters as easy as possible. With a dedicated team of engineers that share a passion for photography, shooters can rest assured that they can turn to Manfrotto for a complete array of solutions that are specifically designed to give them the ability to get the results they’re looking for. At this year’s PMA in Las Vegas, Manfrotto will again demonstrate its commitment to product improvement, as it will be showcasing three new tripods that join its popular 190 series - the 190XDB, 190XB and the 190XPROB. Throughout the design process, attention to detail and functionality are job one at Manfrotto.

Manfrotto Tripods

Manfrotto Tripods - 190 series
When improving on its already popular 190 series of tripods, Manfrotto engineers went back to the drawing board to design a tripod that was better not only by specifications, but by ergonomics; the new 190XDB, 190XB and 190XPROB represent exactly that. One of the most noteworthy new features is the improved and patented horizontal center column, which is now easier to use than ever. In fact, the center column of the 190XPROB can now be rotated to a horizontal position by simply extending the column to its highest position, all without removing the head or disassembling the column itself, making switching between framing and positioning setups a breeze. While the 190XDB and 190XB don’t feature the same horizontal center column feature as their XPROB sibling, they do share the same, new and improved, eye catching design and ergonomics, including redesigned leg angle presets that allow the cameras to reach all intermediate heights from minimum to maximum extension. Wider leg angles also increase the tripods’ stability in bad weather or uneven terrain

Manfrotto Tripods - Features
Smaller and lighter than the 190XPROB, the 190XDB and 190XB provide shooters with the same rigorous support in a more compact package. The 190XB features the same leg warmers and quick action leg locks as the 190XPROB, while the 190XDB is the more economical model of the series, featuring twist leg locks without leg warmers.

Manfrotto Tripods - 190XPROB
190XPROB features: a folded height of 22. 4 inches, a maximum extended height of 57.48 inches, has a maximum weight load of approximately 11 pounds and weighs approximately 4 pounds. (Replaces 3001PRO, 3001BPRO)

Manfrotto Tripods - 190XB
190XB features: a folded height of 20.8 inches, a maximum extended height of 57.09 inches, has a maximum weight load of approximately 11 pounds and weighs approximately 4 pounds. (Replaces 3001D, 3001DB)

Manfrotto Tripods - 190XDB
190XDB features: a folded height of 21.06 inches, a maximum extended height of 57.48 inches, has a maximum weight load of approximately 11 pounds and weighs approximately 3.52 pounds. (Replaces 3001N, 3001BN)

About Manfrotto
Gruppo Manfrotto are world leaders in the manufacture of professional camera and lighting supports for photography, video, broadcast and entertainment. For 35 years, Manfrotto has been building the world’s widest range of tripods, heads and dedicated accessories to support professional and semi-professional still cameras, from the traditional small, medium and large format to the latest digital camera. Every product in the Manfrotto range is designed to provide a perfect combination of important features such as: load capacity, size, stability, transportability, interchangeability and construction quality - guaranteeing unique inimitable reliability and longevity.

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