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Ricoh Caplio R6

Ilse Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Monday 5th, March 2007
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Ricoh launches the new Caplio R6 digital camera featuring a 7.1x optical wide zoom lens (28–200 mm in 35 mm camera format) packed into a slim body just 20.6 mm at its thinnest point. The Caplio R6 exhibits features such as a 7.1x wide zoom and high performance CCD-shift vibration correction from the Caplio R5. Vibration Correction eliminates the shake from hand movement, which is the main cause of blurry images. Ricoh Caplio R6 also incorporates advancements over its predecessor with new features such as a slim body 20.6 mm at its thinnest point (26 mm for the Caplio R5) and a face recognition mode that automatically recognizes the subject’s face or faces and records the image at the optimal settings.

Ricoh Caplio R6

Ricoh Caplio R6 digital camera
In addition to functional improvements, the Ricoh Caplio R6 adopts the Caplio R5’s design image while creating an anticipation of high performance through new design features. Those features include generous use of metal to house the lens, a distinctive strap attachment, and curves on the top. The Ricoh Caplio R6 also features improved feel of robustness and texture.

Ricoh R6 - 7.1x Wide-Angle zoom lens
By completely rethinking the design of the double retracting lens system – an original mechanism that makes it possible to equip the Ricoh Caplio R6 with a 28-200mm optical zoom lens in a 20.6mm thin body – all parts could be miniaturized through Ricoh’s own technology at 0.01 mm levels. The lens setup was optimized by employing highly refractive glass lenses along with the double retracting lens system and by optimizing the distribution of thickness in the lens assembly. A wide range of photographic options are supported from panoramic landscapes and wide-angle photography and indoor shooting under low light near the subject to impressive telephoto photography.

Ricoh Caplio R6 - Face recognition mode
The face recognition mode for automatically recognizing and identifying faces uses a Ricoh-original algorithm to differentiate overall facial characteristics from other images viewed in the scene, thereby automatically detecting faces. Focus, exposure, and white balance are automatically adjusted to fit the face even if the subject is not in the centre of the frame. And if more than one person is in the frame, adjustments are automatically made that are optimum for the group as a whole.

Ricoh Caplio R6 - Vibration correction function
Improvements have also been made to the correction algorithm for the Ricoh-original CCD-shift vibration correction method for picture taking at macro and telephoto. A new feature in quick review lets you enlarge the image 16 times at the touch of a button. That way, you can check that the shot was in focus right away. A new function has been added to prevent white saturation by highlighting and flashing in quick review and playback areas with high luminance values when photographing. And an auto high sensitivity mode has been added to allow clear shots in dark places. Sensitivity can be raised up to ISO 1600 depending on the brightness of the subject. Coupled with the vibration correction function, this gives even better blur prevention.

Ricoh Caplio R6 - High picture quality photography
The 7.24 megapixel CCD allows for high-resolution photography. High-level image processing is achieved and images with low noise are produced through an original image processing engine that operates at speed. Thanks to that, even photography at ISO 1600 sensitivity is possible.

Ricoh Caplio R6

Ricoh R6 - Dual size recording & File Recovery feature
The dual size recording mode allows you to record two files at the same time with one shot: a normal sized image and a reduced size image. You can choose from 1 megapixel, VGA, HVGA, or QVGA for the reduced size. This is convenient for using photos on the Internet such as when attaching to e-mail or placing in blogs. The Ricoh Caplio R6 further features 54MB internal memory (26 MB with Caplio R5). This lets you take 34 shots at 7M size normal mode even without a memory card. Multiple individual files can be selected for deletion. Furthermore deleted files can even be recovered with the new File Recovery feature. You can also skip 10 images forward or backward in playback. This lets you quickly search for the image you want when many images are stored on large-capacity memory.

Ricoh Caplio R6 - Telemacro & Zoom macro mode
A Ricoh-original macro mode allows close-in shooting of objects at as close as 1 cm with wide macro and as close as 25 cm with telemacro. A Zoom Macro function is included to allow use of digital zooming from the optical zoom position where subjects can be captured at their largest.

Ricoh Caplio R6 camera - Auto Resize function
The Ricoh Caplio R6 includes an Auto Resize function that automatically changes the image size when shooting at 7M size and zooming in excess of 200 mm optical. This enables high zoom photography of up to 34.1x, at VGA image size, (equivalent to 960 mm) at high image quality without image correction processing. It is also equipped with general digital zoom.

Ricoh Caplio R6 - High resolution LCD screen
The Ricoh R6 has a bright, high-resolution, high viewing angle 2.7-inch LCD (Caplio R5 LCD is 2.5 inches). Long-life rechargeable battery for approx. 330 shots under CIPA standards (standard accessory). The power-saving features of the internal circuit allow for a battery life equivalent to previous models, even with the smaller battery in the slimmer Caplio R6.

Ricoh Caplio R6 - Skew Correction function
Through an original algorithm that automatically detects trapezoids in images based on composition when shooting and corrects them to rectangles, images can be corrected to look as though they were shot from the front. The function is most effective in business environments where subjects such as blackboards, overhead projector images, time schedules, and signs cannot be shot from the front. The Ricoh Caplio R6 becomes available in March 2007, in the colours Silver, Black and Red.

Ricoh R6 - Accessories
• Rechargeable Battery DB-70
• Battery Charger BJ-7
• USB Cable
• AV Cable
• Handstrap
• Software CD-Rom
• Instruction Manuals

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