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Praktica Luxmedia 7403

Ilse Jurrien
PMA 2018 Report
Friday 2nd, March 2007
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

With its latest model, the Praktica Luxmedia 7403, Pentacon is offering for the first time a digital still camera that has a built-in 3x optical zoom system. The lens system has been adapted to the sleek design of the camera whereas the image is projected on the sensor with the help of a mirror. The Praktica 7403 unites latest technologies into a high-quality digital still camera. With a 3.0-inch LCD monitor the world around you comes to life again and displays the pictures crystal clear. A compact design and a intuitive structured menu leave no desires open. The symbiosis of a 3x optical zoom and a CCD sensor with 7 mega pixels offers you thousands of new possibilities to shoot your pictures.

Praktica Luxmedia 7403

Praktica 7403 camera - Zoom lens
Already the slim design and the metal housing make the Praktica 7403 digital camera a real eye catcher. Unlike common digital compact cameras the Praktica Luxmedia 7403 has no lens system pulling out. The lenses are kept inside and the picture is projected to the sensor unit by using a small mirror. The focal length is equivalent to 37 - 113 mm and with exposure times between 2 and 1/1.000 seconds you wont miss a single detail. The lens system is controlled by a very sensitive mechanic and the auto-focussing system always focuses the right spot. Blurred pictures are thing of the past.

Praktica Luxmedia 7403 compact camera - Secure Digital and Video
The new Praktica Luxmedia 7403 comes with a 32MB built-in memory that can be extended with Secure Digital flash memory cards. Depending on the size of the storage and the resolution of the picture between 20 and 20.000 pictures are possible. Even video films are no problem fort his multimedia power package. With resolutions of 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 pixels at 15 or 30 frames per second the Praktica 7403 comes close to camcorder quality. All video files are recorded as AVI files and can be edited on a PC afterwards with the bundled software that comes with the camera.

Praktica Luxmedia 7403 digital camera - Photo and Playback
Whenever light conditions are getting worse the ambitious amateur photograph usually meets the limits of his camera. Especially with analogue camera technology heavily depended on the capability of the roll film used. With the digital revolution you get an easier way to shoot your pictures. The Praktica Luxmedia 7403 offer five different ISO values (100, 200, 400, 800, automatic). Even the playback on a TV is easy for the Praktica Luxmedia 7403. Simply connect the camera to TV using the cable that comes with the camera. Depending on the TV standard (NTSC or PAL) pictures can be displayed without the help of a PC or Mac.

Praktica 7403 Luxmedia photo camera - PictBridge and Energy
What happens if you want to print out your pictures? Nothing easier than that, the Praktica Luxmedia 7403 has three option of printing the images. You either connect the camera to a PictBridge printer directly without a computer. Or you preset the prints with the camera using DPOF (Direct Print Order Format) and take them to a printing station. Or you use the software that comes with the camera to make high-quality print-outs. Your pictures are only on fingertip away. The Praktica Luxmedia 7403 uses a lithium battery that can be easily recharged.

About Praktica
Dresden as the starting point of camera manufacturing has a longstanding tradition in engineering and producing precision cameras. Since the 1920s the Pentacon GmbH has been marketing high-quality and sophisticated optical systems known under the brand of Praktica and Exakta. Due to our long experience in the production and development of cameras the Pentacon GmbH has an unmatched knowledge of precision mechanical assemblies. Many well renowned manufacturers, including prestigious names in the automotive market, are making use of the profound experience of the Pentacon GmbH and we are proud to provide them with our products.

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